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We reviewed Allbirds’ $95 women’s flats — here’s our verdict after 8 months of regular wear

allbirds tree breezer flats 2Allbirds

Allbirds has launched new women’s flats, available in seven colors and, for the first time, in half sizes. 
After many customer requests for the comfort of Allbirds sneakers packaged into a more sleek and feminine silhouette, the Tree Breezers ($95) are finally here, and we gave them a try.
Featuring an exterior fabric made from eucalyptus fibers and soles made from sugar cane, these machine-washable flats are breathable, flexible, and supportive — truly a shoe you can wear all day. 
The following review includes our first impressions on the flats when they launched in May 2019, along with an update on their fit and comfort eight months later in January 2020. 

Product Embed: Product Name: Allbirds Tree Breezer Card Type: small Width: 100% Height: 150%

Whenever you send eager messages to your favorite brand requesting (more like demanding) a product or style you’d love to see, it can feel like you’re shouting into an abyss. Can anyone hear you? 

Sometimes, as in the case of Tommy John’s women’s underwear and with Allbirds’ Tree Breezer flats, the company takes those demands to heart and delivers perfectly on every expectation. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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