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How blogging changed Wall Street

Wall StreetHenny Ray Abrams/AP

It used to be that the most interesting research and analysis was being done at big banks or in finance journals.
But now, offering transparency online through blogging is providing a totally different client facing experience.
Today, if you’re not reading blogs or following the smartest people on Finance Twitter you are missing the most interesting discussions in finance.

I just got back from the Evidence Based Investing conference hosted by Ritholtz Wealth and IMN in beautiful Dana Point, California. One of the persistent themes at the event was the importance of social media and blogging.  Basically, those of us who are being super transparent online are providing a totally different client facing experience than the old school brokers and advisors who mainly use their firm’s brand name to attract clients and prove their value. Blogging totally changed the game.

I remember 10 years ago around the time when I started Pragcap and there were only a handful of still existing financial blogs being run by identified financial professionals:See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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