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A bartender is calling out the service industry for low wages with a viral TikTok of her $9 paycheck for 70 hours of work

PaycheckAlliyah Cortez/Tik Tok

Aaliyah Cortez, who works as a server and bartender at a sports bar in Texas, posted a video to TikTok of her $9.28 paycheck.
She said it was the net amount of money she earned for working over 70 hours, not including tips.
In the clip, Cortez stresses the importance of tipping people in the service industry.
The video, which has gone viral and received nearly 100,000 likes, is opening up a broader discussion online about the realities of working in the service industry.  
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Bartender and server Aaliyah Cortez is opening up a discussion about the realities of working in the service industry, thanks to a TikTok video she uploaded of her paycheck on January 28.

Cortez’s video has since received nearly 100,000 likes and thousands of comments on the platform.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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