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The Golden Age of PR


By Tanya Swetta, Founder & CEO, id8 media solutions


“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.”– Bill Gates


So, what is Public Relations today?


Let’s look at the classic definition. Wikipedia defines Public Relations as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” Public relations can also be defined as the practice of managing communication between an organization and its publics. The power of PR has been unleashed truly in this past decade! It’s the age of PR and now let’s hear why:


2010 – 2020 has seen a dramatic rise in digitalization and globalisation, and with that – changing consumer behaviour and responsiveness. Due to this, the need for multi-channel brand education, engagement and connectedness has increased tremendously. A digitally advanced time demands for technologically upgraded methods of promoting brands in a competitive market. It is crucial for a brand to follow structured promotion techniques and yet stand out and tell a unique brand story. The requirement for staggering, record-breaking Public Relations’ campaigns is the need of the hour. Public Relations is an umbrella term under which various tools of brand promotion reside. Be it Digital Marketing, Social Media, Events  –  all of these tools can be implemented strategically basis a sound and solid PR strategy. As a PR strategist for 18 years, you come to realise the true importance of what PR teaches you – Brand strategy. It is the successful implementation of managing the exposure of a brand or individual to the market. Simply put, PR is a goal-oriented, comprehensive method to enhance the relationship between a business or a product and its users through multiple tools as mentioned above.


In order to scale and keep growing, a uniform brand marketing strategy is advantageous because of its holistic approach. With the integrated marketing approach, various components of the integrated marketing system – PR, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Events, Sales Promotion – are combined to work in unison and not in silos. This not only results in the optimization of resources but also builds reliability in consumers with consistent communication across different channels, attracting traffic from multiple channels.


With an integrated marketing system and effective promotional techniques constituting a 360-degree structure and one unified point of connection, at id8 media solutions, we cater to our clients with specialization in all spheres of the marketing mix with PR taking the lead, be it Design and Content intelligence,  Digital Marketing, Social media, Events, Influencer marketing, with the sole purpose to provide a memorable ROI driven result.


Because of our deep understanding of the dynamics of the market, we help businesses penetrate the targeted segment of the market for effective results, with a research-driven data analysis and ROI-based strategy to meet the end goals of the brand. The aim is to reinforce the market impact of each promotional method and to employ the data generated by these effects in product development, pricing distribution, customer service, etc. in order to propagate a clear and consistent message to the targeted audience and potential buyers.


At the very heart of the matter, stands Public Relations.



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