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The 8 Biggest Web Design Trends of 2020

Web design is like a shark – for better or worse, it never stops moving. And, that constant movement leads to evolution, innovation… and occasionally some regrettable web design trends. Still, it’s good to keep an eye on trends. They often lay the foundation for new best practices. There are a few recent trends that have already become web design canon. Responsive and mobile-friendly design practices, fast load speeds, clear and user-friendly UI/UX design, and brand-centric design have recently trended – and continue to be essential. This is for good reason. These practices serve every website (and particularly every business website) well. But, not all trends have substance. Not all trends stand the test of time. And, not all website design trends are good for your business. As we explained in our look at 2019 web design trends: Your website is a critical component of your brand, and as your brand and marketing strategy evolves, your site should as well. After all, your website and your brand should work in tandem. Misalignment can damage not only your brand but also your customer’s trust. But, the decision to incorporate a trend into your website design should always be determined by whether that trend makes sense for your brand. So, we consider it our job to sort through the latest trends and predict which ones are grounded in sound design – and which ones will likely quickly fade and become dated. Here are the most popular web design trends and styles of 2020: Forward-thinking custom illustrations In-your-face Interstitials Random Shapes Hamburger (Mobile) Menus on Desktop 3D Design Elements Tightening Integration Between Social Media and Website The End of Autoplaying Media with Sound Dark Mode Let’s take a look at each of these in detail. 1. Forward-thinking Illustrations Custom illustrations have taken the web by storm over the past few years. Businesses of all sorts – but, especially SaaS businesses – have embraced this trend with gusto. Why? Because illustrations are a great way to make complex things more understandable, the intangible tangible, and the vague specific. Businesses today are using illustrations on their websites to explain complex concepts, draw viewer focus in a mindful way, and create unique visual brand identities. That’s nothing new in 2020. But, you should keep your eye on these two new illustration trends this year… Animated Illustrations Was that a little movement you caught out of the corner of your eye? Better look over there! Our eyes are hardwired to notice movement. Historically, it’s helped to keep us alive. And, in 2020, web designers are capitalizing on this default human setting. Animated illustrations are one of the newest trends being used to direct viewer attention within web designs.  You’ll see these petite animations on sites all over the web. Some animated illustrations are merely still graphics that jiggle, while other illustrated animations are more thoughtful and complex. When used to their fullest capacity, animated illustrations can tell stories, explain concepts, or help viewers navigate a website. This..

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