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So What? Making Your Messaging More Relevant

The amount of email sent each year is in the billions and is only going up. See this projection:


So how will you make your way through the clutter in everyone’s inbox and stand out?

By answering the question: So What?

Why should I care about your email (or social media post or direct mail appeal letter for that matter)?

You answer that question by making your messaging as relevant as possible to the people you are communicating with.

And you create relevant messaging by being:

1. Rewarding. The benefits of following through on the call to action in the message are clear.

2. Realistic. Following through on the message is doable, because any obvious barriers are addressed.3. Real Time. The message feels timely and works within the context of current events and other influences.4. Responsive. The message proves that you are listening, and taking people’s concerns and ideas into account.

5. Revealing. New information or perspectives are shared, or you are telling a dramatic, engaging story that unfolds over time (in other words, you get us hooked).6. Refreshing. The message is delivered with personality — with an interesting, authentic style.

We call these the “6 Rs of Relevant Messaging” and we have a checklist for you to help ensure that your messages are as relevant as possible:

I will share more about each “R” over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

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