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What Happened in the Social Media Lab in May?

Social Media Lab May Wrap Up

May is almost over so it’s time to take a look back at some of the experiments we did in the Social Media Lab!

Since our April update, we published 3 experiments and podcasts for you to dive into.

In-Depth Study on Twitter Chats: Are They Worth the Effort?

In this study, we dove into the analytics of nine very busy and prominent Twitter Chats to find out if they have any value (other than keeping you busy).

We teamed up with Madalyn Sklar on this one and found out some pretty interesting stats.

Our Hypothesis

twitter chat hypothesis

You can listen below to hear our results on the podcast or go to the full blog article to read more.

Facebook Video Ads Perform Better Than YouTube Ads. Or Do They?

facebook video ads featured image

Jason How conducted a really cool experiment comparing the results of Facebook video ads versus ads on YouTube.

With Facebook video being so hot right now, most will assume they are better.

Our Hypothesis

facebook video ads hypothesis

The results of this test may shock you!!

You can listen below to hear our results on the podcast, or go to the full blog article to read more.

Are People Really Watching Your Facebook Videos?

Following the theme of Facebook videos being hot, I wanted to see if the video view stats Facebook provides were accurate or not.

I took a look at three pages posting lots of uploaded and Live videos to get some solid data.

Our Hypothesis

facebook video views hypothesis

The results were a bit disheartening, to be honest. You’ll want to find out what they are for sure.

You can listen below to hear our results on the podcast or go to the full blog article to read more.

What’s Brewing in the Lab for June?

Here’s a look at some of the experiments we’ll report on in June:

Does a follow/unfollow strategy on Instagram and Twitter still work?
Is it beneficial to put Instagram hashtags in the original post or in the comments?
The little-known secret to get 50% more clicks on your Facebook ads

What Is The Social Media Lab?

The Social Media Lab is a project powered by Agorapulse dedicated to spending $15,000 per month to bust the myths, rumors, and stories related to social media marketing.

We’ll test mainly organic reach but will also run paid experiments on occasion.

The experiments are conducted by myself, Scott Ayres, and Jason How.

We typically publish 1 blog post and podcast per week.

The podcast is co-hosted by Richard Beeson and myself.

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