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How to Leverage Facebook Messenger Ads to Immediately Connect with Your Prospects

how to use social media for network marketing

Do you know how to use social media for network marketing?  Are you taking advantage of Facebook’s latest advertising feature?

It’s brand spankin’ new, and it enables tons of possibilities for immediately connecting with your prospects.

We’re testing it out right now, here at Elite Marketing Pro, and I honestly think this is going to be a major way businesses will market in the future.

What exciting new feature am I referring to, you ask?

Drumroll please…

It’s Facebook Messenger Ads!

(Yeah…I know, the title kinda gave away the surprise, haha.)

So without further ado, let’s dive in…

What are Facebook Messenger Ads?

Messenger ads look nearly identical to existing Facebook ads and appear in the News Feed (on desktop and mobile).

But the big difference happens when you click…

Instead of taking you to a website, clicking on a Messenger ad immediately opens up a new conversation thread in Messenger, which allows anyone with a Facebook Page to instantly connect with their audience in a very personable way.

Pretty cool, right?

Additionally, there’s another new feature called “comment-to-Messenger,” which is triggered when someone types a particular word or phrase in the comments, such as the word “yes.”

To use this feature, you might, for example, ask a question in your ad, saying any of the following…

Would you like to learn how to grow your business? Comment “Yes” below!
Would you like to learn how to double the size of your business or get more leads into your sales funnel? Comment “Yes” below!
I’m really doing well in my business this month. I reached my goal. Comment, “Yes,” below if you’d like to learn more about what I’m doing.
Comment, “Yes,” below if you would like to learn how to grow your network marketing business.

So essentially, if the prospect was interested, instead of clicking on your ad, they would just write the word, “Yes,” in the comments, and the ad would trigger.

A Messenger box would automatically pop up with a auto-reply message from you, offering them something like…

“Hey, I’m really glad you’re interested. Here’s a link to the article that I published on how to grow your business.”

Or your message could simply say…

“What do you want to know about what I’m doing?”

What’s great about this is that people are essentially raising their hand and giving you the ability to contact them directly via Messenger.

Before, if you recall, you would need to either wait for your prospects to like and message you via your Page, or you’d need to individually friend and message the people who commented on your ads.

Don’t get me wrong, those are still very effective techniques.

But Messenger ads are clearly a way to make initiating a conversation with your prospects significantly faster and easier.

Who should use Facebook Messenger Ads?

First off, it’s good for businesses that have a strong customer service presence.

It’s also great for somebody that’s willing to reach out and TALK to their folks.

Which is a very powerful technique, as evidenced by Cari Higham using Messenger to convert upwards of 70% of her prospects into customers.

Read more about her strategy here:

How to Recruit with Facebook Sponsored Posts

Now, I’ll admit, when I heard about this function, I thought…

“Oh man, this is really only good for businesses with the ability to have somebody in the other room, constantly at their computer, replying to questions.”

But that’s not necessarily the case.

Because while it will be good for businesses like doctors, lawyers, and any service-based business…

It can actually work well for network marketers too, because…

It’s a fast and easy way to start a conversation with your prospects on Facebook

Like I mentioned, instead of making them like your page and send you a message first, now you can immediately engage.

I see this as being a very powerful tool for network marketers, and business owners who have their ducks in a row.

Because long-term success in network marketing really comes down to building a REAL business, branding yourself with a Facebook Page, and providing REAL solutions to people’s pains and problems. And to do all this, you need to know how to use social media for network marketing…period!

You can read more about how to set yourself up for success in today’s age in my recent blog post:

The 7 New Rules of Facebook Traffic for 2017 (and Beyond!)

Here’s the big takeaway:

When your prospects look at your Facebook Page, they want to see that you’re engaged, constantly posting and commenting, and basically being a REAL person.

People want to work with professionals, that are serious about building their business, being helpful, and providing effective solutions to other people’s pain points and problems.

I think for that type of person, and that type of business, Messenger ads are going to be an absolutely kick a$$ feature!

Who should NOT use Facebook Messenger Ads?

Honestly—and this is a plus—I don’t think this is going to be good for the spammers.

This is not a tool to spam people!

This is not going to be something where you want to just get a click or a comment below your ad, and then all of a sudden you just start spamming your prospects with link after link.

It’s not going to be good if you’re just sending out a link to a blog post and you have no presence on Facebook or you’re not building your Fan Page.

If that’s all you’re doing, it’s probably just going to be expensive, and it’s not going to work.

So one thing I do want to point out is this:

Just because you’re using Facebook Messenger ads doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re allowed to start blasting out random messages to random people.

Essentially the way you’re able to contact them is…

They have to reach out to you first!

They either have to click on your ad, or they have to respond to your ad, and essentially say…

“Yes, I want more information.”

They could reply with, “Yes,” or “More info,” or something like that, and the trigger has to be specified in your ad.

Remember, you can’t just randomly spam and send out links and messages to anybody and everybody on Facebook.

You need to know how to use social media for network marketing properly.

Facebook has gone to a lot of painstaking trouble to make sure that can’t happen.

So someone must first show some indication that they want to be contacted by you.

And that’s a good thing!

Moving on…

What are some other perks?

Another benefit is that you’re essentially building a second “list” within Messenger.

And you can broadcast Messenger ads to your “subscribers” as well.

So if you’re having a sale, doing a Facebook Live, or hosting a webinar you can send out a message to everybody that’s contacted you over Messenger.

Yup, you heard me right…

For everybody that you’ve engaged on Facebook Messenger, you can send out a blanket message and let them know about an event or whatever else you might be doing.

I think this is going to be a really awesome tool, and in the coming weeks, it’s something that we’re actively testing at Elite Marketing Pro.

I’ll probably be doing more training on this in the future as well.

But, for now, Messenger ads are something we’re still experimenting with ourselves.

And we’re still trying to find the best way for network marketers to use this to grow their business without spamming people and getting kicked off Facebook.

As we get more and more data, we’ll obviously be sharing our results with you guys, because we want you to be successful and grow your business as well.

Point being…

We test everything (so you don’t have to)

And we only teach you what actually works.

So while we’re still experimenting with Messenger Ads, here are my suggestions…

First, read about how Cari Higham is converting upwards of 70% of her prospects into paying customers using Messenger and video chat:

How to Recruit with Facebook Sponsored Posts

Second, here’s what our proven Facebook advertising strategy looks like…

Continuously run a likes campaign to build your Fan Page and consistently grow your audience
Provide consistent value by promoting conversion-optimized blog posts using Clicks to Website and Page Post Engagement ads
Regularly engage your audience by doing Facebook Lives and sharing videos, boosting for maximum reach
“Retarget” everyone who watches your videos or clicks on your posts with a congruent offer to build your list and make sales

Now, I can understand if that sounds a bit complex, but here’s the good news…

You can actually get started in just 10 minutes and day with a budget of a whopping $10.

Want to know more?

Well, you’re in luck…

Because if you’d like a comprehensive, step-by-step, point-for-point tutorial…

Check out this 100% FREE traffic workshop, hosted by none other than my good friend Tim Erway, CEO and co-founder of Elite Marketing Pro.

Tim reveals our exact advertising formula that’s responsible for turning a single $10 test campaign into $141,246.30 in sales.

All using a blog post, Facebook ads, and a little bit of consumer psychology.

Ready to get started?

Pick a time to attend Tim’s traffic workshop right here.


Until next time,

Matt Baran
Traffic Specialist
Elite Marketing Pro



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