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SeatGeek’s new NYC headquarters looks like it was built for Instagram influencers, from its 90s-inspired bedrooms to its murals

SeatGeekAmanda Perelli

Peek inside ticket-selling startup SeatGeek’s new Flatiron District office in New York City. 
The new office looks like it was designed for influencers, with several Instagram-worthy installations, like three fully decorated fan bedrooms filled with eBay finds reminiscent of ’90s childhood rooms.
Since launching in 2009, the company has expanded to over 500 employees, and hopes to use the new space for hosting live events.
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The ticket-selling service SeatGeek’s new office in New York City looks like it was built for influencers, and that wasn’t an accident.

With three carefully decorated fan bedrooms to the right of the lobby, filled with eBay finds reminiscent of ’90s childhood rooms, the company urges visitors to snap a selfie for Instagram as soon as they walk in. 

Influencers have become a large part of SeatGeek’s growing brand. Through sponsored campaigns, social stars have helped the company establish a name online and attract customers. 

In 2017, SeatGeek began to focus heavily on influencer marketing, which has grown over 1,500% into one of the company’s largest marketing channels, said SeatGeek’s director of influencer marketing Ian Borthwick.

Looking to compete with rivals like Ticketmaster and StubHub, the company has worked with hundreds of influencers, like Philip DeFranco, who has 6 million YouTube subscribers, and Cody Ko, who has 3 million subscribers.

SeatGeek also boasts one of the influencer industry’s most high-profile partnerships in its work with YouTube star David Dobrik. The 30-plus Dobrik videos SeatGeek has sponsored have generated a total of 200 million views, according to Borthwick. And fans of Dobrik have made their own video imitating one of his SeatGeek promos (while seemingly under the influence of drugs following dentist visits).

SeatGeek’s new office, located in the Flatiron District, is filled with fun spaces staged for an Instagram-worthy photoshoot — like the floor-to-ceiling mural illustrated by NYC-based artist Timothy Goodman.

When the company was looking to expand to a new space, building a playful and yet practical environment was top of mind. 

“When designing the office, we wanted it to be light, airy, and practical for our needs,” said Marta Zaharoff, director of office operations.

SeatGeek launched in 2009 and today has over 500 employees. The new office is about triple the size of the old one, according to Zaharoff, and they hope to use the space for hosting live events.

Take a peek inside SeatGeek’s new office:  

You’ll find SeatGeek’s new HQ in the Flatiron District. The office is nearly triple the size of the old office, according to Zaharoff.
Amanda Perelli
NYC-based designer/illustrator Timothy Goodman designed the mural on the wall along the staircase.
To the right when you first walk in are three “fan bedrooms,” which the company calls #RetroRooms.
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