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People are calling Ellen DeGeneres a hypocrite after comments she made about Trump 2 years ago resurfaced amid backlash about her friendship with George W. Bush

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Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres faced new backlash over the defense of her friendship with former President George W. Bush after previous comments about refusing to let President Donald Trump be a guest on her show resurfaced online.
The host faced criticism for laughing with Bush, whom many consider to be a “war criminal” and anti-LGBTQ politician, while sitting next to him at a football game on Sunday. 
DeGeneres’ previous statement saying she wouldn’t allow Trump on her show then resurfaced, with many calling her a “hypocrite” for her seemingly inconsistent political stance. 
Others felt that the host’s honesty about her friendship with Bush was refreshing, and had nothing to do with her previous statements.
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Host Ellen DeGeneres is facing new criticism of her seemingly inconsistent political stance after her past statement about refusing to let President Donald Trump on her show resurfaced on Tuesday. 

DeGeneres recently came under fire for her apparent friendship with George W. Bush — and Twitter users were quick to point out the host’s “hypocrisy.” See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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