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How to Create Content that’s “Better” than Your Competitor’s

In this video, you’ll learn how to create content that’s better than your competitor’s by focusing on the four attributes that make content great.

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Everyone says you need to create “better” content than your competitors. While it’s sound advice, what does “better” mean?

It’s subjective, and in the marketing world, the phrase has become a cliche. And most people make the mistake of evaluating their competitors’ content through their own personal lenses. They decide whether it’s good or bad based on personal opinion.

To solve this, we need a framework that’ll allow us to compare content objectively. A framework that’ll allow us to judge pages and remove personal biases.

Not only will this help us create “better” content, but it can also help achieve a desired outcome.

The four criteria we use to assess content quality are:

► Content clarity
► Content depth
► Usefulness
► Presentation

You’ll learn what these four attributes mean and how you can use them to evaluate content.

0:00 Intro
1:49 Four criteria to assess content quality
5:07 Example of a typical affiliate “best of” post
8:41 Example of protein shake recipe post
11:04 Example of the “how-to” posts

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