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Dive deep with a MarTech workshop

Last week, I shared my favorite reasons to attend MarTech… I’m back today to share eight more awesome reasons… our intensive, half-day workshops!

Join us in Boston, Monday, September 16 from 1:00pm – 5:00pm for one of eight in-depth workshops led by recognized industry experts. Each workshop tackles an exciting, thorny, and pressing aspect of modern marketing and delivers invaluable networking in an intimate, hands-on environment. Keep reading for details!

Your Lifeboat For The Coming Data Privacy Storm

Nearly everyone at MarTech is, or ought to be, thinking about GDPR, CCPA, LGDP and the slew of privacy regulations engulfing marketing efforts. What everyone should not be doing is worrying or slowing down day-to-day operations to play the privacy compliance whack-a-mole. Join this session where Kristina Podnar will provide you with a framework for immunizing your organizations against the growing data regulation trends so that you can get back to the business of marketing. Learn more.

Optimizing SEO Operations for Marketing Leaders

SEO won’t deliver the results you expect, no matter how skilled your team is, if SEO operations aren’t properly integrated into your organization. Traffic from SEO may grow, but probably not at the pace it could be growing. SEO expert Jessica Bowman will reveal an SEO framework for marketing operations leadership, what your responsibilities are as a marketing leader, and much more in this immersive workshop. Learn more.

The Right Way to Buy Marketing Technology

Nearly everyone attending MarTech is planning to implement a new technology solution in the next year. But what are the best practices for evaluating technologies, choosing vendors, and getting your colleagues on board with the process? Tony Byrne will answer those questions and more in this in-depth workshop. Learn more.

Agile Marketing Advantage

The pace of marketing is accelerating. And marketing teams need to keep pace. This workshop will show you how to do just that! Marketing pioneer Andrea Fryrear will show you how adopting “agile” and “lean” methods will lead to better marketing results. Learn more.

Creating Connected Experiences

Want to get the full payoff from your marketing technology investments? Aligning them with your customer experience strategy and digital execution. Attend Jeff Cram’s workshop for practical frameworks and models to identify and fix cracks in your digital customer experience. Learn more.

Using CDP to Make the Most of Your Customer Data

Most marketers, if you really push them, admit that their data is a mess. If you’re one of them, join David Raab for a comprehensive dive into customer data platforms: what are they, why you need one, choosing the right solution, and preparing the business case for adoption. Learn more.

Building a Badass Marketing Team with Talent Optimization

Great marketing results start with a great marketing team. How do you know that the team you have in place is capable of achieving optimal results? Join Erica Seidel and Drew Fortin to learn a Talent Design & Optimization framework so you can strategically design your team, align team members to your culture and goals, hire purposefully, and manage the team smartly as your business grows. Learn more.

A Marketer’s Guide To Attribution Analysis

What if you could accomplish attribution analysis with tools you already have? What if you could know the value of your marketing based on data you’ve already collected? It’s possible. Christopher Penn will explore why attribution analysis is important, why it’s broken, what kinds of attribution models exist, and how you can get started with 5 different kinds of models. Learn more.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from the pros!

Choose Your Ideal Pass

There are two different ways you can join us depending on your goals and budget:

All Access Pass + Workshop (best value!): You’ll unlock the complete MarTech program, including all sessions, keynotes, A.I.-powered networking, and amenities, plus your choice of half-day intensive workshop. Register by August 17 and save $600 off on-site rates!
Workshop Only: Interested in just a workshop? Register by August 17 and save $300 off on-site rates. (Bonus! Your Workshop Pass magically transforms into an Expo+ pass once the workshop is complete – that means you’ll get access to the entire Expo Hall, including 100+ solution providers, full-length sessions on the Solutions Track, demos and case studies in the Discover MarTech Theater, and evening networking events — including Speed Networking and the Opening reception immediately following your workshop!).

Don’t wait… register now!

See you in Boston 🙂

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