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What’s New in Facebook Ads (Sept 2021)

So What’s New In Facebook Ads This September?

Have you heard? Things are wild over at Facebook right now.

It can be tough to keep up with all of the changes (and what that means for your business) but LYFE got your back so don’t worry.

Let us tell you what’s new in Facebook ads here in today’s post. 

When you advertise on Facebook, it’s important that you stay up to date with changes because things are happening pretty rapidly.

Your Ads Manager and Facebook Business Manager will show you notifications when changes are going to take place.

You won’t find every single update here, but you will find the most important ones that will affect your ads or other activity in the Business Manager. 

Here are a couple of places you can find these notifications about what’s new in Facebook ads: 

In the Resources tab of the Ads Manager
At the top of the Ads Manager
On the homepage of the Business Manager
In your Notifications Tab
In your email (if you’ve signed up for updates. You can manage this in your settings.)

We’ll start with officially announced updates and then show you notifications our Account Managers have gotten…

…while working on ads in the Ads Manager during our daily client account management.

P.S. If you want us to manage your ads for you, so you can focus on other things, contact us for more information.

What’s New In Facebook Ads: 3 Officially Announced Updates
1. Facebook Updating Business Suite

Facebook is adding a File Manager, unified inbox, and organic post split-testing feature.

You can learn more about those social media updates from other networks in the post we recently published. 

Now, you can’t use any of these features yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as they’re workable features. 

2. Facebook Reels

On September 29, Facebook announced that Reels are here!

new in facebook ads

new in facebook ads

new in facebook ads

You’re probably familiar with Reels if you are on Instagram and TikTok. It’s basically a short-form video revolution.

When you create Reels, you have access to: 

Audio (music and voiceover)
AR Effects (AR = Augmented Reality) 
Hands-free recording
Combine together multiple clips

Since Reel ads are popular on Instagram, we imagine Facebook will roll out this capability for Facebook relatively soon.

There is a creator fund, like TikTok uses, to entice creators to spend their time on Facebook. 

3. Business Manager/Working Updates

Sometimes, you’ll learn about what’s new in Facebook ads while you’re doing day-to-day work in the Facebook Business Manager.

We’ll give you Facebook’s word-for-word update as seen in the Business Manager and then our translation. 

a. Some campaigns will be counted differently

new in facebook ads

As more people opt-out of tracking for iOS 14 devices, statistical modeling may be used to account for some conversions that are completed on iOS 14 devices.

Recent updates to attribution settings may result in changes in the number of reported conversions and some attribution windows will be unavailable.

You may also find that there are delays in reporting certain results. 


The iOS14 changes have impacted tracking conversions, so Facebook is using statistical modeling to estimate results.

You may see conversions drop, or they may not match up with other data, like your Google Analytics or sales reports. 

What You Can Do

Compare conversions on Facebook to what you know your business did.

If FB is underreporting by a conversion or few, we’d say your tracking is pretty good.

You’ll see a dip (you’ve probably already seen this) but don’t panic. FB is working on solving this issue, so we think this will be a blip.

b. Ads can run without a domain that prioritizes events

new in facebook ads

Previously, ads were paused if they didn’t have a domain that prioritized your event for iOS 14.5.

Now you can turn on and create ads that don’t have a domain that prioritizes your event.

However, they may not deliver to people who have opted out of tracking on iOS 14.5 or later devices


You may have noticed some of your ads automatically paused after Apple rolled out iOS14.5.

This happened if your domain wasn’t set up for the event you were optimizing for (like add to cart when that’s not an event in your Business Manager). 

What You Can Do

Now, you can run your Facebook ad campaign even if your URL isn’t optimized for your event.

This isn’t ideal, and it may result in your ads not delivering to iOS14.5 users. 

c. Events not prioritized for iOS 14.5 can be used

Previously, you could only use up to 8 prioritized events for each domain where your pixels were placed.

To provide you with more flexibility, you can now run ad sets using events not prioritized for iOS 14.5.

However, they may not deliver to people who have opted out of tracking on iOS 14.5 or later devices.


When news of Apple’s update was announced, they created 8 events that were meant to prioritize the update.

Ads that weren’t using one of the 8 events were turned off. You can use events other than those, but ads may not show to iOS 14.5 devices. 

What You Can Do

For most businesses, this isn’t a big issue. You may not even have more than 8 events.

For example, we’ll use:

page view,
button click,
add to cart,
sign up, and

…for many of our clients, and that’s only 5 events.

Set up the most essential events for your business and focus on those for now. 

d. Event changes take effect immediately and won’t pause ads

Previously, when you changed your events or their priority in the Events Manager, you needed to wait up to 72 hours for your ads to start running.

Now if you make changes, they’ll take effect immediately. Your ads won’t be paused, but you’ll need to wait 72 hours to make another change


If you wanted to change the event your ad was optimized for…

…your ads were previously paused and there was a 3 day waiting period, which made advertising so fun! 

What You Can Do

Change the event anytime. Your ad won’t be paused, changes will take effect immediately.

But, you won’t be able to make a change to the event again for 72 hours. 

e. Making changes to event priority will automatically update delivery

Previously, if you replaced one of your prioritized conversion events, ads that were using the non-prioritized event would stop delivering.

Now ads using a non-prioritized event will continue delivering but may not deliver to people who have opted out of tracking on iOS 14.5 or later devices.

When you prioritize an event, ads using it will start delivering to people who opted out of tracking.


Much like the other alerts that are new in Facebook ads, this has to do with iOS changes.

Your ads will not stop running when you replace prioritized conversions, but may not deliver to iOS 14.5 users.

What You Can Do

Use prioritized conversions so that you can ensure your ads are showing, even to folks who opted out of tracking.

Anyway, if you want to learn how to create a Facebook ad, then read this post next.

Or, as we mentioned earlier, if you want great results from your FB ads, then work with our Facebook advertising services today!

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