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Job title for a creative freelancer who does, well… a lot?

Hey gang, not sure if this is the proper place for this, but its the best one I've found. I hate to pull the very green "Freelance Jack of All Trades", so I usually just tailor my resume to the job I'm applying for. HOWEVER, I cant think of a good title for an email signature and it's wrecking my life.

I recently decided to go from 7 different professional email accounts to one, for simplicity's sake, but cant seem to consolidate my extensive & eclectic background in to one simple job title other than the vague and horrible "freelancer." This would also help me brand myself when putting together my one, giant, complete, monster resume. I've also been avoiding making a linkedin for years for the exact same reason.

Previous job titles & current job titles include:

(swear to god I'm not just blowing smoke up my own ass here, I've only listed things that I consider myself somewhat accomplished in.)

Classically Trained Ballet Dancer/Dancer (in general, lol. Lots of honors & accolades, prestigious training, you name it.) Social Media Marketing/ Social Media Coordinator Video Editor/Photographer Web Developer Literary Journal Editorial Staff/Creative Staff (design, layout, etc.) Choreographer (award winning) Copywriter/Copy Editor/Content Creator (Print & digital media) Actress (film, stage, commercial) ((also award winning)) Graphic Designer Model (editorial, runway, commercial, fitness) Poet/Essayist/Journalist (yes, published) Seamstress/Wardrobe Mistress (dabble sometimes in design but not enough to list it. Wouldn't stop me from taking a design job, however.)

All of this, plus almost finished with a BA in history w/ a bioarchaeology focus & creative writing minor, adding:

Student Shovel Bum Archival Intern Research Bitch

SO. If anyone wouldn't mind helping me spitball, or lending me their years of wisdom & professional oversight, I would really, really appreciate it.


Also no, I don't sleep. I run on adderall, deadline panic, and fear of boredom.

Sorry for the novel.

TL;DR : I do way too many things to be considered real, need a professional job title/brand that encompasses all of them.

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