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Turn Your Expertise Into Profitable Online Business

Thanks to the power of the internet, practically anyone today can start an online business. However, with so many options on the table, what are the best types of online businesses to start?

One of the best ways to get started is to turn your expertise and passion into something of value. And starting an online business has become much easier to do, thanks to powerful course creation and management platforms, which allow you to create a website or blog, even if you don’t have advanced technical skills such as site design or programming.

To help you figure out how to turn your expertise into a profitable business, we will look at three different ways for you to get started.

1. Create an online course or membership site

One of the most lucrative and best ways to put your expertise to work is to create an online course or membership site which offers your content and knowledge at a premium. This type of business has worked extremely well for bloggers, content creators, and any professional who is able to help individuals, brands, or businesses grow.

In the past, to start this type of business would have required you setting up a custom site to host all of your videos, as well as creating a complex membership area and a way to manage your members and accept payments. In addition to the complexities and time required here, it would also cost you a pretty penny to get started.

One solution that has made this whole process a whole lot easier is Kajabi. Through its online course creation and management platform, individuals and brands of all sizes are able to take their expertise, bring it online, and generate a whole lot of money in the process. This all goes back to the solution of requiring the end user to have no technical skills, while also being able to have full customization and control over their site through a simple drag-and-drop system.

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2. Become an established expert within your niche

With more than a billion active websites on the internet today, it can be a struggle to start an online business and brand of your own while trying to compete and stand out from the crowd. However, the world of online marketing and content generation is always open to new experts who can provide value to an audience hungry for new information. Some perfect examples of this is content that’s created through the use of expert interviews, roundups, and even interview-based podcast episodes.

Always keep in mind to include a call to action within your expert content. It’s one thing to get your name and expertise out there, but you also have to make money with your online business in the process. A call to action can be as simple as redirecting audiences to your website, blog, social media, or other website that you might be selling online courses or products through.

For more creative ways on how to put your expertise to work and better brand yourself as an authority in the process, be sure to read through these seven monetization tips.

3. Build a business around the expertise of others

When attempting to make money online or build a brand around your expertise, it would be silly to only rely on your expertise alone. A perfect example of this would be any news or media website that continually covers the expertise of other entrepreneurs and company founders. This is valuable information that millions of people are searching for and reading on a daily basis, yet it has nothing to do with the actual person who is writing it.

With this in mind, building a business around the expertise of others and simply sharing that value with an audience is a legitimate business model in itself. A good example of this would be any “famous quotes” website on the internet that’s generating thousands of impressions daily and making a decent amount of money in the process. The expertise is within the content, the value is there for the audience, and the business model is through the advertising that can be done on the site.

This doesn’t mean that you need to create a website devoted to quotes, but you can provide a lot of information and resources from content that is already out there. Just think about the many different keywords and search phrases people are searching for on a daily basis to get answers to their questions, improve their businesses, or find a new job. To get a better understanding of how this can be accomplished, be sure to perform the necessary SEO research to see what people are looking for, how you can provide a solution, and what they are willing to pay for it.

Put your expertise to work

As you can see through each of the examples, there are plenty of ways to make money online through your expertise or the expertise of others. Since there are so many people on the internet, there is always going to be an opportunity for new authorities and influencers.

Even with the internet being as crowded as it is, the best way to make money off your expertise is to simply get started and see where things end up. The sooner you get started, the faster you will have an established audience to not only trust in what you have to say, but a following that will also pay for your time and expertise in the process.

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