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The NRA is suing Gov. Cuomo after New York closed gun shops as non-essential businesses

Andrew CuomoAndrew Kelly/Reuters

The NRA filed a lawsuit against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday over his closure of gun stores in the state as part of his “PAUSE” order. 
The order, in place until at least April 15, allows a list of essential businesses to remain open, though gun stores were not included in the list.
The Department of Homeland Security last week guided states to allow gun stores to remain open even amid the coronavirus pandemic.
“I wish you could become immune to this virus the way I’ve become immune to NRA lawsuits,” Cuomo said at a press conference Saturday.
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The National Rifle Association, the leading gun-rights advocacy group in the US, has filed a lawsuit naming New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo — both his capacity as governor and a private citizen — over the closure of gun stores in the state as part of ordered non-essential business closures. 

“As a result of the government’s overreach, most New Yorkers have no legal way to exercise the constitutional right to purchase arms or ammunition,” the NRA lawsuit alleged. “The current public health emergency does not justify impeding the exercise of Second Amendment rights, especially during a time when many New Yorkers have valid concerns about the ability of the government to maintain order—and criminals are being prematurely released from jails.”See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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