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Top YouTubers are concerned that the platform’s new harassment policy is too vague and could hurt creators

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YouTube claims that they’ve been asked to do a better job preventing harassment on their platform. 
The company tweeted out the key points of their updated policy which was met with controversy. 
On the same day a popular creator, who goes by the username iDubbbz, tweeted that one of his most popular videos had been taken down, presumably due to the update. 
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Last week, YouTube announced a vague update to their harassment policy and community guidelines. The company stated in a blog post that “harassment hurts our community by making people less inclined to share their opinions and engage with each other.” Despite this, Youtube wants to “remain committed to [their] openness as a platform and to ensuring that spirited debate and a vigorous exchange of ideas continue to thrive.” 

Popular creator Philip DeFranco has speculated in a recent video that the rollout of these new policies may be a result of the harassment directed at Carlos Maza, a video producer at Vox. Maza had been ceaselessly mocked by a conservative YouTuber named Steven Crowder. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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