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16 celebrities you didn’t know hold world records

celebrity world recordsJeff Spicer/Getty Images and Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Getty

Several celebrities have set Guinness World Records, either through their profession or through unexpected means. 
Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Eminem have set records with their music. 
Others, such as Dwayne Johnson, hold records for doing unexpected things like creating the largest layered dip. 
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Guinness World Records is famous for cataloging the most interesting, extreme, and sometimes weird facts out there. From the fastest runner to the person with the world’s longest fingernails, pretty much everything is included, so it’s no surprise that multiple celebrities hold records.

Read on to learn who holds a world record for clapping, as well as which star mixed up the largest paradise cocktail in the world.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson holds two Guinness World Records.
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his team created the largest layered dip in January 2017. Crafted in a 100-gallon fish tank, it took over five hours to craft this mega-sized tailgating classic. The dip, which weighed 540 pounds, was later donated to an organization for people who are experiencing homelessness. 

The actor also holds the record for most selfies taken in three minutes, at an impressive 105. 

Justin Bieber previously held the record for most “disliked” video online.
Pratik Chorge/Hindustan Times via Getty

Justin Bieber has held records for the most-viewed music channel on YouTube, the first music channel viewed three billion times (JustinBieberVEVO), and the youngest solo artist to get five number one US albums. 

Bieber was also the first act ever to simultaneously hold the top three positions on the UK singles chart with “Love Yourself” (No.1), “Sorry” (No.2), and “What Do You Mean?” (No.3) on January 14, 2016. Not even The Beatles or Elvis Presley managed this feat. 

The singer previously held the world record for most “disliked” video online thanks to his song “Baby,” but that title has since been taken over by the “YouTube Rewind 2018.”

Vanna White is the world’s most frequent clapper.
Associated Press

The longtime co-host for “Wheel of Fortune” has earned a unique place in the record books. Vanna White holds the record for most frequent clapper, after clapping an estimated 3,721,446 times over the course of the show’s 32 seasons. 

According to the Guinness World Records, White claps an estimated 606 times per show

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