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The Importance of SEO for Content Distribution — and How our Content Marketing Platform Can Help

Fact: 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search.

When you consider the cost-effectiveness of organic traffic in driving business results, it’s clear why the world’s leading marketing teams are investing the time to develop an SEO strategy and produce content that’s optimized for search. The SERP has become increasingly important as marketers compete with increasing content creation and decreasing organic visibility on social media platforms.

However, the process of optimizing content for search has long been complicated — or at least made more challenging — by the team and agency silos common across today’s marketing organizations.

When produced by one team and then “optimized” for search by another, content is not being given the best possible opportunity for organic search discovery. Too often, the SEO process involves different marketing functions patching together an analysis and leveraging insights that are largely based on past experiences and/or small samples of anecdotal evidence.

Not only does this result in tedious hours of forced, inefficient collaboration, but quite simply, it doesn’t work. 

The truth is that content, SEO, and social media are inherently linked. When content is ideated, produced, and distributed with all three in mind, the result is exponential optimization. The challenge has always been bringing together multiple marketing functions and tools, in order to operationalize the process. 

As MarTech Today puts it

“The creation of a cohesive MarTech stack will enable any business to derive more value from their data, which, in turn, will deliver positive business outcomes. If the focus on customer experience is a unifying factor at the strategic level across the business, the use of shared data and metrics is the means of achieving this in the granular detail. For example, many brands are now using shared targets around profitability, ROI, and share-of-voice to engender a culture that looks at the bigger business picture.” 

But how?

How to Streamline Content Ideation + Planning

At NewsCred, we believe there’s an inevitable convergence of content marketing and search marketing — and that this trend will have a truly positive impact on marketing performance. That’s why we recently enhanced our leading Content Marketing Platform with Idea Lab, a one-stop source for conducting keyword research, optimization, and ideation. 

Idea Lab knocks down the silos between ideation and execution by enhancing the content creation process with search and social trend data, making it easy for marketers (even without SEO backgrounds!) to identify the topics that will resonate with their audience, rank high in search engine results, and drive organic traffic. Marketers can conduct automated keyword research, analyze competitive rank tracking, and review share of voice data results to determine which keywords to target while ensuring their content addresses related concepts that are searched for by their audience. All from within the same platform where they request pitches, start workflows, distribute content, and analyze performance.

Idea Lab -- Insights.gif

Idea Lab goes beyond search volume data, giving marketers a holistic view of the SEO opportunity and how their brand compares versus competitors as well as a deeper understanding of their audience’s needs. As a result, our customers are developing compelling content that increases targeted site traffic: “NewsCred’s Idea Lab is immensely valuable for quickly understanding search trend volume and providing intelligence recommendations, so we can hone the keywords that we want to own and better optimize our content for search,” according to Kate Walker, Content & Social Media Marketing Manager, Toughbook Marketing at Panasonic.

Here is the complete list of Idea Lab features available within the NewsCred CMP:

Keyword Research & Recommendations. Allows us to determine which keywords to target in order to improve search rankings. We can expand or refine the topics we’re writing about using automated keyword recommendations to ensure that our content addresses the related concepts that our audience is searching for. 
Commonly Asked Questions. Provides us with a list of questions that our audience is asking, and allows us to develop our content with a perspective that provides the ultimate value to our audience, and position NewsCred as a knowledgeable resource.
Share of Voice. Lists the complete set of competitors who are ranking for a particular topic or keyword, so we can review existing content and refine our own to maximize organic traffic. 
Keyword Rank Tracking. Identifies others who are ranking for valuable keywords. This gives our team the means to pinpoint gaps in content that are impacting SERP position and develop a strategic and tactical plan to address it.
Social Trend Data. Measures the articles, formats, and channels that are popular with an audience for a given topic or keyword.

And it’s not just our customers who are benefiting. Every member of the NewsCred marketing team also leverages Idea Lab to surface key insights that help us to drive organic traffic and better understand our own marketing’s target personas. That’s how we know this is a valuable post.

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