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The hospital ship Trump sent to Los Angeles to support COVID-19 fight stopped taking patients after treating just 77 people

USNS Mercy 6Mike Blake/Reuters

The US Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy deployed to Los Angeles to provide support as the city battled the coronavirus has stopped receiving patients, USNI News first reported and a Navy official confirmed to Insider.
The Mercy, like its sister ship USNS Comfort that was deployed to New York, was sent to LA to provide relief to local medical facilities by treating patients suffering from ailments other than COVID-19. While the Comfort was reconfigured to treat patients with COVID-19, the Mercy was not.
The Mercy stopped taking patients on April 30 and discharged its last patient Tuesday. The ship has treated a total of 77 people since it arrived in late March.
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The US Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy the Trump administration deployed to Los Angeles to provide relief as the city battled the coronavirus has stopped receiving patients.

The Mercy, one of two hospital ships deployed to support domestic efforts to combat COVID-19, sailed into Los Angeles on March 27. It has provided medical, surgical, and trauma care to a total of 77 patients since then.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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