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A running list of stores currently offering curbside delivery for household essentials, groceries, and pet supplies



Many online retailers are currently experiencing shipping and delivery delays as they try to keep up with increasing demands amid the coronavirus pandemic. If you need household supplies and groceries quickly, going to a physical store may be the fastest option. 
Although stores have implemented social distancing policies, a shopping trip still requires a certain degree of public interaction, and some shoppers may want to avoid that risk. 
Curbside delivery is a safe alternative that doesn’t require you to leave your car (and it may be easier than securing a home delivery slot in some cases). 
Stores where you can buy household supplies and groceries online or through an app and pick them up curbside include Target, Walmart, and Office Depot

Now that social distancing policies and stay-at-home orders are in place for most of the country, online shopping has become even more popular. It’s usually a fast, reliable, and contact-free method of getting everything you need, from toilet paper to cleaning supplies to groceries.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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