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The future of retail in the US: industry trends and market trends

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Retail sales volume was higher in 2019 than ever before — and it will only continue trending upward as the entire experience becomes more streamlined and frictionless for customers. However, the face of the industry is changing rapidly; Business Insider Intelligence recently reported that in 2019 ecommerce sales surpassed 10% of total retail sales for the first time ever.

us total retail sales.

The growing online trend impacts both e-tailers and brick-and-mortar sellers. Because merchants must embrace ecommerce to boost their own growth, the roles of solutions providers like BigCommerce and Shopify, as well as marketplaces like Amazon, could expand further in the coming years, due to their ability to help merchants without the resources to develop their own ecommerce platforms to begin selling online.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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