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An ER nurse in New Orleans, a growing coronavirus hotspot, used to see 1 patient die per month. Now it’s 2 per week.

ochsner medical centerBill Haber, Gerald Herbert/AP

Business Insider spoke to an emergency room nurse working for the Ochsner Health System in New Orleans, who described what the fight against coronavirus has been like in his city. 
Eduardo Bilbao, 29, says he’s gone from seeing about one patient a month die under his care, to two in one week. 
Bilbao says work has become “very stressful” and “very emotional.” 
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A New Orleans nurse says he’s had to get used to giving bad news to families losing loved ones to coronavirus.

Eduardo Bilbao, a 29-year-old emergency room nurse in the Ochsner Health System, says he’s seen firsthand how the city’s coronavirus death toll has climbed. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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