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The best cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee is naturally sweet and less acidic, making it easier to drink than hot brewed coffee that’s poured over ice.
The taste of cold brew coffee comes from its extraction process, which uses cold water over a long period of time.
These ready-made cold brew coffees and coffee concentrate are sublimely smooth and rich in taste, conveniently available in your kitchen fridge.

Looking to quench your thirst for cold brew coffee without going to the coffeehouse or starting the long process of making it at home? You don’t have to: There are plenty of great-tasting options for ready-made cold brew drinks and concentrates that you can stash in your fridge — ready to be poured at a moment’s notice.

Cold brew coffee is usually served over ice and, if preferred, milk of choice. However, you can also make a hot beverage by pouring cold brew concentrate into hot water. That’s because “cold brew” describes a process, not the temperature of the beverage. Indeed, cold brew coffee can also be used to make cocktails, carbonated drinks, and other beverages.

Like all coffee, cold brew starts the same way: with beans that have been grounded. However, it is then put through a slow extraction process using cold water. Unlike iced coffee that’s made from regular brewed coffee, cold brew has a smoother and less acidic taste. The extraction process also brings out a natural sweetness, which is why many cold brew fans drink it without adding sweetener. It also has more caffeine, if that’s what you’re after.

Our picks are based on brands that are highly regarded by experts and drinkers as well as our own testing. Many also come from well-known brands. We checked their nutritional info to ensure they aren’t overloaded with sugar or fat. Taste is subjective, however, so what you like may differ from others. But we think the options below will satisfy any cold brew craving.

If you’d rather use your favorite coffee beans and make your own cold brew, check out our buying guide to the best cold brew coffee makers.

Here is the best cold brew coffee you can buy:

Stok Not Too Sweet Black Cold Brew Iced Coffee
Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
High Brew Cold Brew Coffee
La Colombe Nitro Cold Brew Shandy Lemonade
Starbucks Cold Brew Black Unsweetened Coffee
Grady’s Cold Brew Bean Bags

Updated on 4/9/2020 by Les Shu. We added new recommendations based on new research and testing. Our favorite cold brew, from Blue Bottle Coffee, is currently unavailable online. Prices and availability are current at time of posting, but due to a retailer shortage of coffee products, some products may be out of stock when you read this.

Stok Not Too Sweet Cold Brew

If you like to drink cold brew slightly sweetened and without dairy, Stok’s Not Too Sweet is ready right out of the bottle.

The Not Too Sweet Black Cold Brew Iced Coffee from Stok, as the name suggests, hits the right balance of sweetness. The only qualm is that the carb level is a bit high for our liking — the sodium is low, however, which is commonly high in cold brew — but nonetheless, it’s a great-tasting ready-made coffee drink.

If you prefer to add your own sweetener or none at all, Stok also makes unsweetened cold brew, as well as vanilla- and mocha-flavored options.

Chameleon Cold Brew Concentrate
Chameleon Cold Brew/Instagram

One 32-ounce bottle of Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate yields eight servings of potent coffee.

You aren’t supposed to drink Chameleon Organic Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate from the bottle. Instead, you pour equal parts of the “syrup” into water. Depending on your taste preference, you can adjust it less or more, but know that cold brew has a higher caffeine punch than brewed coffee. Overall, the taste isn’t super-strong, but some drinkers have told us they prefer to water it down a bit.

Because it’s not a premade drink, you can experiment. Try it hot, or use it in a mocktail. If you can’t have dairy, mix it with almond or oat milk. Chameleon’s concentrate tastes great, but you’re free to make it taste even better.

If you want convenience, Chameleon also sells ready-to-drink cold brew.

High Brew Cold Brew
High Brew

High Brew Cold Brew Coffee comes in a variety of flavors, as well as ones packed with extra protein and caffeine.

High Brew‘s cold brew comes in 8-ounce cans and in a variety of flavors and sweetness levels: Double Espresso, Dark Chocolate Mocha, Creamy Cappuccino, Bourbon Vanilla Latte, Salted Caramel, Toasted Coconut Latte, and Mexican Vanilla, to name a few. This is a good option for those who like flavored coffee; we recommend trying the sample pack to find your favorites.

Insider Reviews contributor Steven John finds Double Espresso to be the least sweet, while Mexican Vanilla tastes like drinking a coffee milkshake. In addition to flavors, High Brew makes some without dairy, some with extra protein or caffeine, and one without added sugar (Black and Bold). If you have strict dietary restrictions, you’re not without options.

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