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The Art of Social Media Affecting SEO for Personal Brands

Search engine marketing has changed quite a bit since mobile and voice search have emerged onto the scene, and many brands are left wondering which marketing methods work best to build visibility? Social media is a large influence in the way people look for information, and although this is not measured directly the social signals can have a significant impact.

Do you need to improve your search ranking? There are social media marketing methods that can attract visitors, and increase your reach. In order to be successful online you need to be active and involved in the top social networks.

Today’s SEO strategy is no longer focused on keywords. Instead, original content both in text and visual format are now in favor for audiences and the search engines. There are several ways that can help your website rank higher and attract a larger following online.

Steps to Search Engine Marketing in 2018 with Social Media

Publishing and cross promoting fresh, original content for your target market is just the beginning of being found in search. Here are some tips on improving your social signals:

Check your current Fans and followers – If your brand has paid or promoted content on social media you might have a larger audience, but not ones who are necessarily interested in what you have to offer. In order to be seen as trusted and authentic it’s best to weed out fake accounts or those not relevant, and instead build relationships with your community.
Think more hashtags and less links – External links used to help a website rank higher in search, but what really counts are the right use of keywords on your content on social media. Be sure to include any important website links on your posts and tweets along with relevant hashtags in order to build social proof and attract inbound links.
Increase visual marketing campaigns – Capture your visitors quickly with images and videos that inform and encourage interactions. Create infographics from previously published blog posts, native video, podcasts, ect. These should be something of value for your audience that sparks a conversation and builds relationships.
Launch a live broadcast or chat on Twitter – People are turning to their smart TV’s and mobile devices to gather information. This is an opportunity your brand does not want to miss in order become their go-to source. Using live video and chat tools can dramatically increase your following and substantially grow your community.

As search engine marketing continues to transform it is important to keep up with the latest trends in technology, and to create original content that people are searching for in your personal brand’s niche. Once you successfully meet the needs of your audience it is more likely that your website will rank higher in search, which will attract more exposure online.

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