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A week in security (August 2 – August 8)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs:

RDP brute force attacks explainedThe 3 biggest threats reaching for your antivirus software’s off switchZoom and gloom? Video comms org agrees to settle for $85mCOVID-19 vaccine appointment system attacked in ItalyChrome casts away the padlock – is it good riddance or farewell?NSA issues advice for securing wireless devicesWhat is Tor?Amazon will pay you $10 for your palm prints. Should you be worried?Edge’s Super Duper Secure Mode benchmarked: How much speed would you trade for security?Apple’s search for child abuse imagery raises serious privacy questions

Other cybersecurity news:

New phishing attack “sneakier than usual” (Source: ZDNet)Can the public cloud become confidential? (Source: Help Net Security)UK’s Ministry of Defence coughs up bug bounties for crowdsourced pentesting (Source: The Register)FTC warns of phishing text scam (Source: Infosecurity Magazine)Chipotle marketing emails hijacked to spread malware (Source: Security Boulevard)Prometheus TDS: The $250 service behind recent malware attacks (Source: Bleeping Computer)Raccoon stealer bundles malware, propagates via Google SEO (Source: ThreatPost)Microsoft says LemonDuck malware could be tricky to shift (Source: TechRadar)Warning over Facebook scam in Redcar (Source: The Northern Echo)U.S. Attorney: Providence man turned to social media to help in fraud scheme (Source: The Providence Journal)

Stay safe!

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