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SEMRush Review 2019 – Increase Traffic & Boost Exposure with SEMRush

Why use semrush? semrush helps you end up being a better digital marketer. it’s that simple. the data and insights it offers are required components for any data-driven marketing strategy.

SEMRush Review 2019

Let’s start with responding to the basic question– what is semrush?

semrush logo

semrush is a website analysis tool that can assist you to analyze and optimize your seo strategy. if you desire more traffic you require to understand more about the keywords you or your competitor rank for (or don’t rank for), links, and so on. 

SEMRush is the tool that will get you this data. By using it you will be able to Increase Traffic and Boost Exposure for your website.

Advertising Toolkit inside SEMrush

Semrush is an seo optimization tool. It’s also a lot more. among the very best features of the tool is that it is organized into toolkits

seoadvertisingsocial mediacontent marketingcompetitive research, and management

This organization makes working with SEMRush very easy and is one of our favorite parts of the tool.

Keyword Research with SEMrush

Semrush is an all-in-one competitor analysis tool, founded in 2008 by the same people behind the popular browser-extension, seoquake. unlike any other keyword research tool around at the time, semrush paved the way to a really unique approach to finding successful keywords.

semrush review

I’m going to use  a random website for this review.  The domain overview tool searches in the screenshot. Most of the data you see because screenshot is live due to the fact that i’m using a pro account. you’ll require a guru or business account to view “historical data”. this tool makes it easy for you to analyze any domain, whether it’s your own or your competitor’s. let’s think about this tool in terms of analyzing your own domain.

But the reason I like SEMRush so much is hw I am able to analyse and investigate my competitors, this lets me see what keywords they are ranking for and what we I could start to target myself.

We have actually gone over the importance of keyword research before in our ultimate guide to keyword research, so it’s not a surprise that semrush offers a tool to help you find the best high-volume and long-tail keywords for your content and website.

There is a reason internet marketing professionals ranked semrush the # 1 keyword research tool. it allows you to rapidly find all the common keywords you and your competitors are ranking for, as well as loads of new keyword opportunities your competitors are targeting but you might have overlooked.

Semrush is the best mid-level search software tool for

keyword researchposition tracking,competitive analysis,Plus Much More

It will save you hours finding new high-volume keywords to target in paid and organic search,

It will assist you to monitor your website’s seo performance, and give you visibility into your competitors’ internet marketing tactics.

SEMrush a Complete Review

Our semrush 2019 review would not be complete if we didn’t go over the user-friendly layout and reporting. while there are worthy competitors with some similar features, they simply aren’t as easy to read. nevertheless, semrush does an exceptional job of imagining data in a manner that even new and diy marketers can easily understand.

Im sure you can see by now that we really like SEMRush and I dont think we have found anything that could become a replacement.

SEMRush keyword data

Competitor analysis: learn all about your competition and where your competition Ranks.

This functionality of semrush is really simple: enter domain/keyword, and you get all relevant data in an overview. if you want, you can then go into the details.

Semrush’s keyword research tools enable you to analyze the possibility of ranking for any given keyword. keyword research is much an art as it is a science and semrush will provide you with all of the data you require to make educated decisions and plan seo experiments.

Semrush is frequently considered one of the best keyword research tools. and, for good reason. you can get super specific results for your target keyword– whether that’s for long tail research, cost per click data or anything between– and make more informed keyword decisions.

This is a tool i’ve had a great deal of success with when it comes to finding initial keywords to target. semrush is great since it talks to google web designer and google analytics to take actual data from your site, and show you what you’re currently ranking for.

Check out this SEMRush review Video

Utilizing SEMRush to Find Long-tail Keywords

I love using semrush to find out how many keywords a site is ranking for in the top 100 results of google, and more importantly, how much those rankings deserve. semrush tells you how much your organic traffic is worth by relating it to if you were to pay for that traffic in adwords. clients love to put dollar indications on their rankings and traffic!

With semrush, you can easily use advanced filters to find the best keywords. this, in my own viewpoint, is one of the hallmarks of keyword research.

I do frequently review to see if anyone is utilizing long-tail keywords to find question style landing pages and ad copy. for example, hootsuite is typically running ads against buffer’s trademark name, causing some taken traffic when people were looking for buffer.

We have actually discovered a lot about our client’s website and the traffic by using SEMRush. It has allowed us to  better understand customer engagement utilizing correct keywords to target for each respective industry.

With the help of some of the semrush keyword tools, we were able to find and write about numerous related keywords to place within our client websites which in turn produced more traffic conversions.

In the majority of specific niches, the most profitable keywords are not apparent. besides, there is a great deal of use for long tail keywords. therefore, an expert seo will utilize keyword recommendation tools to find more keyword ideas and get a long list of potential search terms to choose from. 

I hope you enjoyed this SEMRush review for 2019

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