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Scared Petco employees lacking adequate safety precautions say they are ‘paying a dire price’ to groom your dog during the coronavirus pandemic

petco storeAP Photo/Tony Dejak

Petco employees are questioning their “essential” status and fearing for their safety, particularly in states where grooming centers remain open to the public.
Though a Petco spokesperson told Business Insider grooming centers are “operating with reduced hours and limited appointment times” and adding 20-minute barriers between appointments “to allow for proper cleaning and disinfecting,” employees told Business Insider it isn’t enough. 
“Petco and PetSmart are in a dangerous race to see who can make the most money with little thought about the health of their employees,” said one Petco employee in California speaking anonymously. “The workers are paying a dire price for this.”
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Petco employees are beginning to question their “essential” status as the coronavirus wages on, prompting some anxious staffers to speak out against lack of protection and questionable safety protocols at their stores. 

In interviews with Business Insider, Petco workers expressed frustration that the company hasn’t shifted exclusively to curbside or online orders, particularly given that products like pet food can be purchased at most grocery stores and big-box retailers.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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