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Pinterest Marketing Expert Introduces Facebook Group for Pinterest Managers

Pinterest Marketing Expert

Welcome to the How To Become A Successful Pinterest Manager Facebook group!

Finally! Pinterest marketing expert introduces a Facebook group dedicated to existing Pinterest Managers who are already managing Pinterest accounts for their clients and are looking to advance their skills and grow their Pinterest business.

This Facebook group is also ideal for social media managers or people who are just getting into Pinterest management and want a successful career as a Pinterest Marketer – this group is for you.

Discussions focused on:

a) Pinterest marketing best practices
b) New strategies
c) Getting & handling clients
d) Keeping up with Pinterest changes

Here are some friendly rules to keep in mind. Please keep the group clean and focused toward your success:

1) All the posts created should be Pinterest related only. Any non-Pinterest posts will be deleted.

2) No spam or any links of self-promo (no affiliate links, blogs, products etc.). Do not PM members with “opportunities” or offers. If someone is doing this to you, please flag the post or let the admins know.

3) Only admins are allowed to post blog links.

4) No negativity, fighting in the comments or ranting about how you’re not happy about XYZ topic. Positive vibes only.

5) This is not a group for you if you are looking to hire someone to do your Pinterest marketing. If you need someone for your business – you’ll find more benefits in other FB groups. Alternatively you can reach out to me, Anna Bennett a Pinterest marketing expert at or Kristina Day at to help you.

We would love for you to…

1) Introduce yourself:

What’s is your experience with Pinterest marketing and
why are you joining the group (what do you want to learn) and c) anything fun you feel group members should know.

2) Share your Pinterest questions or challenges.

3) Share your Pinterest wins – let’s empower each other.

This group is hosted by myself and a previous student of mine Kristina Day who is currently running her business as a Pinterest Manager & Strategist while living on the island of Bali.

If you’re ready to accelerate your success in 2019 and beyond as a Pinterest marketing expert & Pinterest Manager join us today!

Pinterest Marketing Expert

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