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Parallel tracking for Google display ads: Mandatory as of July 31

Google extended parallel tracking to display campaigns in May. We’re now approaching the deadline to have made the switch.

The deadline. Starting July 31, 2019, advertisers that are using third-party tracking parameters will need to have made the switch to parallel tracking. Google initially announced the July 31 cutover date at the end of April, so most click measurement providers and advertisers should be prepared, but better to double-check with your provider now.

What is parallel tracking? Parallel tracking helps speed up landing page load times by separating tracking parameters from the landing page URL. With parallel tracking, the landing page and the tracking functionality loads separately. No more waiting for click trackers and any related redirects to load before the user can get to the landing page.

Why we should care. Parallel tracking will soon be the standard method for handling third-party click measurement. Google switched to parallel tracking for search ads last October. It will be coming to video ads later this year, Google said Wednesday. Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) is currently beta testing parallel tracking for ads and expects to make it available globally in the near future.

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