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Memrise is an ideal tool for picking up casual conversational skills in 23 languages — right now you can get a premium subscription for 50% off

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Memrise is a language-learning platform that offers 23 language options and focuses on teaching real-life, conversational phrases and words.
It comes with both free and premium subscription-based versions and users can receive 50% off premium subscriptions now through June 1. 
While Memrise is most popular for its language courses, it also offers additional classes covering topics like literature, history, engineering, and more.  
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For those who find themselves with time to fill during a lockdown, learning a foreign language is a top aspirational activity, along with mastering sourdough starters and cultivating an herb garden.

Whether you’re brushing up on high school French or taking a crack at learning Vietnamese in preparation for travel resuming, it’s easier than ever to learn a foreign language from home thanks to numerous free and cheap apps and online platformsSee the rest of the story at Business Insider

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