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Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt are fielding breakup rumors. Here’s a look back at their 5 years together.

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Fans have been speculating that makeup mogul Jeffree Star and his boyfriend of five years, Nathan Schwandt have broken up. 
Though there is no concrete evidence of a breakup, Star’s followers were confused when he removed “wifey to Nathan” from his Twitter bio in early December. 
Here’s a timeline of their relationship.
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Breakup rumors have been swirling about makeup mogul Jeffree Star and his boyfriend of five years, Nathan Schwandt, despite concrete evidence pointing to a split.

In the last month, Star left fans confused when he removed mention of Schwandt from his social bios, posted a tour of the couple’s new $14.6 million California mansion, and canceled a makeup masterclass tour due to “personal reasons,” amid a long stretch of social media silence. 

Here’s how the couple went from meeting over Instagram DM to some of the most recognizable faces in the online beauty guru game. 

2014: The couple first met on Instagram when Nathan slid into Jeffree’s DMs.

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In a boyfriend Q&A tag video posted in March 2016, the couple explained that they bonded online before meeting in person later. 

“We met on Instagram, isn’t that crazy?” Jeffree said in the video. “I mean, I don’t even think it’s crazy. Where do people meet? Bars, clubs.” 

“Things that we don’t do,” Schwandt said.

“We started talking online, we started texting, and then texting led to phone calls and FaceTime,” Star said, “then we decided a few months later to meet in person.” 

Once Schwandt made it out to Los Angeles to visit Star for just two days, he said that “it felt like we had met for years, that we had known each other for years.” 

May 2015: They officially started dating and an Instagram from the beach made them social-official.

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The couple appeared official within a year of Star’s launching Jeffree Star Cosmetics while his social profile continued to pick up attention. 

Schwandt then began regularly appeared in Star’s YouTube and social content, including a March 2017 lip kit “kiss test.”

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