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I went to Amazon’s high-tech hair salon and virtually dyed my hair pink – then got the best haircut I’ve ever had

Amazon Salon/selfie
Amazon's hair salon in London.

I went along to Amazon's only hair salon in east London for a $72 haircut.
I used the augmented-reality app to see which hair color and style I liked before making a decision.
The salon is filled with Amazon-branded products, such as Echos and Fire Kindles.
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I went along to Amazon’s first hair salon in London to see what the hype was about. When it opened in April, only Amazon employees could go. It opened to the public at the end of May.

Entrance to Amazon Salon

The salon is known for its augmented-reality app, which let me experiment with different hairstyles and colors through a screen before I chose the look I wanted.

Amazon's augmented-reality tech

First off, I virtually dyed my hair pink. I was impressed at how real it looked around my roots.

Selfie of hair color in Amazon's augmented-reality app

Then I went for platinum blonde – this looked less natural around my face.

Selfie of hair color in Amazon's augmented-reality app

There was also the option for an ombré look. This was less subtle and hard to see in the screen because of the reflection.

Selfie of hair color in Amazon's augmented-reality app

Finally, I tried purple but decided to stick with my natural color. I was too nervous about how different the actual dye would look compared with the color on the AR app.

Selfie of hair color in Amazon's augmented-reality app

The salon is based in east London, an area that has become more gentrified over the years and is popular with hipsters. The hairdressers told me the salon is well placed because locals are more likely to experiment with unusual hairstyles.

Hair products in Amazon Salon

The hairdresser took me over to the sink to wash my hair. The salon even had its own branded towels.

Hair washing seat in Amazon Salon

I sat in a chair while the hairdresser told me about my hair type and how I should be applying products.

Selfie in mirror at hair salon

Behind me was a range of products, including shampoos and hair straighteners, which customers can buy from Amazon.

Hair products in Amazon Salon

Customers can use their smartphone to scan a QR code next to a product they want. This takes them to the Amazon page where they can order the product and get it delivered to their home.

Hair products in Amazon Salon

Ordering online allows the customer to leave the salon without carrying bottles around with them. Amazon Prime customers have an advantage with faster delivery times.

Hair products in Amazon Salon

I pointed to hair products on a shelf for information to appear on a display screen in front of me. I had to make sure my finger hovered over a black sensor on the shelf for it to work.

Hair products in Amazon Salon

Halfway through my appointment, I was happy with how my hair was looking.

Selfie in mirror at hair salon

There were four seats upstairs and seven seats downstairs in Amazon Salon.

Seats in Amazon salon

Most tables had an Amazon Fire Kindle and there were Amazon Echo speakers dotted around the salon, which were used for music.

Customer's seat and desk in Amazon Salon

Amazon Salon hairdressers are hired and employed by ELSL Hairdressing, run by Elena Lavagni who owns Neville Hair & Beauty Salon in London. A handful of Amazon Salon’s stylists are also qualified to teach hairdressing, an Amazon spokesperson told Insider.

Hair products and seats in Amazon Salon

Here’s the result of my $72 Amazon Salon haircut!

Selfie of hairstyle after the cut

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