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LIVE UPDATES: Joe Biden dominated Super Tuesday but Sanders is holding strong in California — see the full results with live vote counts and breaking news


We’re continuing to get results from Super Tuesday, when 16 Democratic primaries and caucuses took place on the same day.
Former VP Joe Biden absolutely crushed the competition and majorly surpassed expectations with big wins in Virginia, AlabamaArkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and most recently, the delegate-rich state of Texas.
Sen. Bernie Sanders was completely knocked back on his heels, only winning the relatively small states of Colorado, Utah, and his home state of Vermont
Right now, Sanders’ last opportunity to run up the score and catch up to Biden is California, the biggest delegate prize of the primary where he currently leads with almost half the vote reporting. 
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Super Tuesday is by far the biggest day in the Democratic primary process. Follow along for live results here.

Here’s what happened so far:  

Former VP Joe Biden started off the night strong by overwhelmingly winning the Virginia presidential primary, kicking off a winning streak across the country — including in places where Sanders led the polls.
Biden went on to win the Alabama, Arkansas, North CarolinaOklahoma, Minnesota, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and Texas primaries.
Sen. Bernie Sanders has so far won only smaller states like Colorado, Utah, and his home of state of Vermont.
A core constituency of the Democratic primary is consolidating behind Biden — Southern black voters carry Joe Biden to huge victories on Super Tuesday.
The former VP got a boost from late deciders — Joe Biden’s big Super Tuesday wins are likely helped by voters who decided last minute, polls suggest
Biden faced a harrowing moment during his big night — Dairy industry protesters stormed the stage during Joe Biden’s victory speech on Super TuesdayOther than winning the American Samoa caucuses, Mike Bloomberg is having a really bad night so far — Bloomberg spent 50 times as much as Biden in Virginia and still got demolished and Bloomberg is seeing disastrous Super Tuesday results in states with early returns after spending a quarter of a billion dollars
President Trump is having a fun Super Tuesday online — Trump tweets video of ‘Mini’ Mike Bloomberg licking his ‘dirty’ fingers while eating pizza in apparent coronavirus reference
Tulsi Gabbard’s one delegate from the American Samoa caucuses could land her back on the debate stage —Tulsi Gabbard may have just qualified for the next Democratic debate thanks to American Samoa

Here’s the current delegate count, including the early results from Super Tuesday states:


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