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I used Mountain Hardwear’s new and more environmentally friendly camping tent on my last trip — here’s why it’s worth $480

Aspect 3 TentMoosejaw

Mountain Hardwear has launched a line of tents made without harmful flame-retardant chemicals and dyes in an effort to reduce its environmental impact. 
I slept in the new Aspect 3 Tent on a recent camping trip and found it to be really lightweight and easy to set up. 
The dual doors and vestibules make it easy for two people to get in and out of the tent, and have their own space — of which there is a lot. 
It can seem pricey at $480, but it’s actually cheaper than other comparable tents from competitors — and infinitely better for the environment. 

Camping tents are coated with flame-retardant chemicals to ensure they don’t go up in flames while their occupants rest inside. While there’s no inherent issue with having a tent that won’t burn, environmentally-conscious campers might not get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that the flame-retardant chemicals used are damaging the environment — and themselves.

On a more tactile level, those coatings are the reason that tent fabrics tend to get a sticky feeling if stored improperly — to which anyone who has left a wet tent in a hot car can attest. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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