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I left a career in sports television to become a writer. Here’s how I made the first year a success — and what I wish people people knew about freelancing.

Nick DaukNick Dauk

Nick Dauk is an internationally published travel writer and freelance copywriter. In 2018, he left his stable job at a sports broadcasting company to pursue a career as a writer.
Freelancing has its perks, like being able to travel and work from around the world, but Dauk says it was also stressful in the beginning to find clients and develop a consistent revenue stream.
For people aspiring to write full-time, Dauk recommends securing a few paid gigs before quitting your day job, being flexible with rates, and being open to doing all types of writing, from editorial and social to copy and product writing.
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When I said I was leaving television to become a writer, my coworkers choked on their laughter.

“A writer? Like… a book writer?”See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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