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How to use FreshDirect to buy groceries online


FreshDirect makes it easy to shop for groceries online. 
Here’s how to use the online grocery delivery service to get all your favorite foods, produce, and even alcohol shipped right to your door.
Due to the novel coronavirus, FreshDirect is currently experiencing very high demand and inventory shortages, and customers may not receive every product they select. Product credits, including those for missing bags, can be obtained with the ‘Request a Credit’ tool on their Help page.
Out of caution, FreshDirect’s delivery personnel will only bring your order up to your door, but cannot enter your home due to concerns over the novel coronavirus, and will not be collecting the bags in which groceries are delivered at this time. Customers are encouraged to keep and reuse them.
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FreshDirect is an online grocery delivery service that makes it convenient for those who can’t make it to the grocery store. You select items you need, a shopper will shop them at a grocery store, and then they’ll deliver to your door — it’s that simple.

After using it ourselves for years, we’ve experienced how much easier the site is to navigate than any grocery store aisle, and how much time and effort we’ve saved from going to the store ourselves. FreshDirect makes it easier to pick up fresh produce, ready-to-eat entrees, and even alcohol. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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