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How to organize your kitchen pantry

Kitchen Pantry

With many of us cooking more often at home, our pantries have become a disorganized mess.
Here are practical tips from Luis Ahuet, most recently chef de cuisine at Michelin-starred restaurant Meadowsweet, and Jamie Horde, founder of NYC-based professional organizing firm Horderly.
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Whether you’re cooking a three-course family meal or a simple dinner for one, you’ll probably need to hit up your kitchen pantry for ingredients. But with many of us cooking more often at home, your pantry might be more disorganized than you’d like. 

Having an organized pantry isn’t just because you can find things more easily. It’s also easier to take inventory of what you have once you can actually see everything and make sure your pantry doesn’t get out of hand. “Oftentimes, we go shopping, put things away, and then completely forget about certain foods we’ve bought for weeks and even months. Periodically cleaning and organizing your stock will keep you from buying stuff you don’t need.” Frankly, it’s also just cathartic to clean and organize things. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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