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How Engagify Improved Customer Experience with Magic and CRMs

A positive customer experience is advantageous to your business; a happy customer is a loyal customer. Anders Boulanger, the founder of Engagify, has mastered the art of marketing and improved customer experience. He started doing magic shows when he was five years old and performing at birthday parties at 12. After college, Anders began to doing magic at events and fairs. Later, he learned about this fantastic idea of merging a message with magic to create something mystic, memorable, and enjoyable. People watch and hear a marketing message. The magician builds a crowd of people around their brand; this is an excellent idea of communicating a message compellingly.

What is Engagify?

Anders Boulanger and his team took the skills they learned from performing at shows to capture prospects’ attention. There is an engagement gap; frontline people in the marketing or revenue team might not have been trained to be engaging. They might also be unaware of what to do or unremarkable. On the flip side, the customers are often distracted, busy, or have no time to work from home.  

According to Anders Boulanger, they compete with social media platforms tweaking their algorithms to draw more eyeballs to drive traffic. Engagify helps sales teams and revenue teams Engagify themselves to compete with those distractions, win customers’ attention, demand attention, and deepen the connection. It is all about customer experience; it helps you get better returns on your interactions.

Anders Boulanger Tips to Get Better at Customer Experience

Vocal variety; using various archetypes. For instance, playing roles to sharpen your marketing skills. How we say something carries a lot of weight. 
Playing big, taking up space in your screen, and showing more body language. Offering your head frame might not allow you to express yourself fully. For instance, some people talk and use their hands at the same time. Have a setup that will enable you to communicate fully. You might also want to stand up; it helps you to channel your energy.  
Eye contact with the camera; builds a connection with the audience. If you are in a sales position, try to maintain eye contact to build trust. Train yourself to look at the camera.

Why Use Zoho?

Before using Zoho, Anders Boulanger used to rely on software that was not helping his business move forward. He tried and tested different tools, and Zoho ticked all his boxes; it has a reasonable price, and he could do the automation and workflows. Although Zoho seemed too good to be true, he contacted them and found out that he could save money and get 40+ apps. He started using Zoho in October 2014 when he was working as a magician. All his business contacts switched to Zoho.

He became like a Zoho guru, and his contacts would lean on him to show them how to navigate this software. He loved managing and knowing everyone, continually being on top of things, and having campaigns integrated into a CRM. Did you know that many companies cannot calculate their customer lifetime value? 

Zoho helps you do this; to calculate your closing percentage, the length of your sales cycle, etc., for new and existing customers. Anders Boulanger insists that knowledge is power, and you should apply it in your business. He uses various applications from Zoho; it enables his company to scale to prevent him from hitting the ceiling.

Even in college, Anders Boulanger tried to use a CRM for magicians, although it was not customizable. He was an early adaptor in CRMs but loved time-saving tools. Zoho makes things sleek for the customer and businesses, improving the customer experience.

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