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Four ways Revinate differentiates itself from outdated hospitality technology

Over the last decade, Revinate has proven itself to be one of the leading hospitality technology providers in the industry. Leading hotels all over the world have selected Revinate’s products and services to power guest feedback, marketing, and hotel CRM. Many customers have been partners since we launched our first product for online reputation management.

Our solutions have won dozens of awards over the years, including World Travel Awards, HotelTech Awards, and more. But Revinate will never rest on its laurels and our most recent innovation, Advanced Profile Synthesis, is proof that we don’t shy away from the industry’s biggest challenges.  

Now that we’ve launched Advanced Profile Synthesis into the world, we thought it was a good time to share four reasons why Revinate’s technology is best-in-class.

We automated data clean up

We spend a lot of time in the field speaking with customers and prospects about what’s most important to them and what keeps them up at night. We routinely heard from hospitality leaders that one of their biggest challenges was keeping their guest data clean enough to be able to rely on it to power marketing programs and in-person experiences. Because of the myriad ways that guests can book rooms today, it’s easy to see how the ‘guest data problem’ has gotten out of control. (For proof, just look at a profile from an OTA booker.) 

Solving this problem isn’t simple, but we tackled it head-on by looking at the cause of the problem and thinking through the best, long-term solutions. Our team of top-notch engineers and data scientists developed a solution that not only fixes the problem today, but also goes further than any other solution to continuously train our AI so it’s always getting better and stronger. In fact, our AI has been working in the background, for years, in preparation for this launch. 

With Automated Profile Synthesis, we take the work out of data clean-up so you can focus on more important things, such as crafting great promotions and taking care of your guests.  Because of how we developed the solution, there’s no need for you to spend countless hours manually cleaning PMS data or even manually approving profile merges. 

We know there are a lot of hospitality technology companies out there that claim to automatically deduplicate profiles, but when you’re required to take action, is it really automatic? We promise to never interrupt your workflow to ask you for your help in data cleanup.

We shed light on guest loyalty and value

Hotels are the most customer-centric businesses in the world, and with a clean guest database, hoteliers are armed with accurate data about guest loyalty, lifetime value, and other critical information that lets them understand who their guests are. This data has always been highly sought after and many hospitality technology vendors promise to deliver it. Unfortunately, without a continuously working data cleanup engine like Advanced Profile Synthesis, it was rarely possible because the data could never be trusted.

Today, with Revinate’s Profile Synthesis Reports, you have access to all of this information, allowing you to easily create tailored segments to market to your most valuable, repeat guests with promotions and emails that bring them back into your hotel. 

But don’t take our word for it. The reports we include in Revinate Marketing highlight all of the work that our Advanced Profile Synthesis does in the background, ensuring that you see the value of the solution over time. 

Our technology is robust, powerful, and learns over time

There are technology solutions that scratch the surface of the issue and might be good enough to please some people. Then there are hospitality technology solutions that take longer to develop but get to the root of the problem in a way that solves the problem for good. These solutions, though more rare, tend to please everyone. Rather than look for a quick fix, Revinate focused on the root of the messy data problem and invested in developing one of the most robust solutions that the hospitality industry has ever seen.

Unlike other solutions that graze the surface of the problem, Advanced Profile Synthesis does not depend on exact matches of profile data fields, such as name or email. Our algorithm is also sophisticated enough to solve the problem of duplicate guest profiles being created in PMSs due to typos, faulty text, misaligned fields, name changes, and masked OTA email addresses. 

And, the beauty of our algorithm is that it gets smarter over time. The more guest data it processes in your database, the smarter and more efficient it becomes.

We help inform your omnichannel marketing strategy

The value of good data is that it breeds better decisions. Hoteliers have, traditionally, been constrained by a lack of intelligent guest data when it comes to running omnichannel marketing campaigns. Without accurate guest data or trust in their CRM, they were left to make gut-based decisions when it came to determining the best advertising targets, deciding where to place marketing dollars, or even how to surprise and delight guests when they visited the property.

We are happy that hoteliers will no longer be forced to rely on inaccurate data or their instincts to power decision-making. With superior data matching capabilities and a 360-degree view of guests, Advanced Profile Synthesis enhances hoteliers’ ability to target guests before, during, and after the travel cycle. As a result, your campaigns across email, social channels, advertising, and paid media will resonate better and will drive better results.

Take Action Today

When it comes to guest marketing, your most powerful asset is guest data. The good news is that every hotel is rich in data, thanks to all the different systems being used to book reservations, accept payments, capture feedback, and more. But, left alone, guest data can pile up and become unwieldy. Duplicate and messy entries can become the norm and not the exception.

The good news for hotels is that cleaning up guest data and making it usable for marketing and on-site experiences is something that hoteliers no longer have to struggle with, as we have shared in this article. 

Want to learn more? Reach out to Revinate today to learn more about Advanced Profile Synthesis and our other technologies that leading hoteliers rely upon to drive revenue and guest loyalty.

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