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By depositing money from our stimulus debit card into the bank and charging everything to a Citi rewards card, my family has maximized both points and savings


Like many other Americans, my family has received several hundred dollars thanks to the CARES Act stimulus plan.
Since we’re spending most of our time at home, we’re mostly shopping online using a credit card. And with the bonus cash from the stimulus check, we decided to use a single credit card even more.
By putting every penny from the stimulus check in the bank and putting all our purchases on a single credit card, my family has been able to reap thousands of Citi Thank You points that are then as good as cash on Amazon.
We’ve used Citi points to save as much as $80 on Amazon purchases we’d be making anyway.
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With the effective quarantine imposed by COVID-19, like so many households, our spending went largely online in the spring of 2020 — save for occasional masked trips out for groceries. This meant even more money would be charged to our credit card.

But these higher bills were welcome, especially once we calculated how much cash we’d be getting from the CARES Act. We received a prepaid stimulus debit card, and we’ve found a way to maximize these funds while also earning credit card rewards that save us money on Amazon purchases.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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