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BidToTalk Developing Unique Platform for Influencers

Wildeye has announced the release of its latest solution BidToTalk which offers influencers the ability to create auctions for audiences to bid for one-on-one video calls. 

Influencers will be provided with a bid box profile to display the auction’s status while fans can make bids during the allotted time slot. For the service, BidToTalk will charge 20% for every call. 

BidToTalk Platform for Micro-Influencers

The new offering is will help micro-influencers generate revenues by allowing the market to set the price. This is going to happen by creating personalized experiences through face to face interactions.

BidToTalk’s hosting platform will help influencers make money by hosting one-on-one video calls with followers for a fee. 

Fans will be able to get the unique opportunity to connect face-to-face with influencers they admire.
The platform will help influencers who have 1,000-500,000 followers to build consistent income from sponsorship alone. This will provide more monetizing opportunities for those with small or mid-size fan bases. 
The live auctions let fans bid any amount they are comfortable with to have private conversations with influencers, athletes, professionals, role models, and others.
Visitors can find conversations through category, profession and industry search queries. 
By creating a profile on the platform, influencers can promote their availability across their social media platforms and start generating revenues through the auctions.

Small Businesses Connecting with Micro-Influencers

Influencers also have the option to redirect their proceeds to a charity of their choosing. BidToTalk can tap into the estimated $9.7 billion industry in 2020. Micro-influencers are a subset of influencers that have somewhere between 1,000-10,000 active fans. They could be a professional, a local celebrity, or anyone. They can help promote your business on a personal level as they have the ability to connect with their followers, unlike influencers with a large number of followers, which makes it more difficult.

Their high engagement makes for tight-knit communities. This makes target messaging more effective for the marketing needs of your small business. They also come in handy as they get great social interactions from their following to help galvanize campaigns. The niche audiences of micro-influencers is effective for promoting small business products or brands. Not only that, but it is much more affordable than trying to hire an influencer with millions of followers. 


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