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Best Customer Experience Tools for 2020

Businesses often face the dilemma as to which are the best customer experience tools. The answer to this problem can never be a one-size-fits-all approach.

As per 2019 Digital Trends Report by Adobe and Econsultancy, all the successful companies are delivering first-class, personalized customer experiences built on a foundation of integrated marketing and CX technology.

In the pie chart below, we can see that the reasons to improve customer experience. It improves customer retention and customer satisfaction and increases cross-selling and up-selling.

The need to Improve Customer ExperienceWhy Improve Customer Experience

Customers engage with brands that give them a more personalized experience. The businesses need to invest in CX Softwares and data management tools to understand their customers better. Take a look at the Bain Customer Experience Survey report. The businesses will invest more in one-to-one sales and marketing, personalized experiences and automated decision making.

CX Tools that Businesses will Invest in the FutureCX Tools that Businesses will Invest in the Future

The choice of CX Tool depends on various factors like the size of the company and the requirements of the business. Here is a curated list of the best Customer Experience Tools. It is divided into three categories Social Media Tools, Customer Feedback mechanisms and CRM.

Customer Experience Tools for Social Media

Thanks to countless inventions, customers do not rely on one channel for brand engagement. They want to engage with their brand from multiple channels. And the customers expect a quick response and smooth customer experience irrespective of the channel they use.

Here are 3 social media tools that can help businesses manage their customer relations in a better way.


Hootsuite is one of the most widely used social media management tools to manage customers with ease. It helps the businesses to keep track of what the customers are saying in different social media platforms. Businesses can respond to them instantly. Also, it can be integrated with 150+ apps. Thus allowing it to streamline the customer data, access it with ease and collaborate efficiently with the team.


With Mention, businesses can get the audience as well as competitor insights at their fingertips. Businesses can monitor more than 1 billion resources in the web such as blogs and forums to know the conversations that revolve around their brand. Data can be filtered from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to analyze as to how the customers are responding to different trends. They can engage with the users in a better way by generating and publishing content that is relevant to them.


Buffer helps the businesses tell their brand’s story in the most engaging way. The tools provided by buffer help the marketers as well as other teams to collaborate more efficiently. Publishing of content that is relevant for the audience and tapping the audience insights can be done with just a few clicks.

Customer Experience Tools to Improve Customer Feedback System

It is not easy to choose the perfect customer feedback system for a business. Because the needs are diverse. Few businesses might need a tool to collect feedback, few will need it to collect customer insights and others for reporting the data.

We have a list of 3 customer feedback tools to improve CX, that are used by many businesses to ease their decision-making process.


It is the global leader in Survey Software. You can create and run online surveys. Using SurveyMonkey businesses can collect and analyze data. The surveys can be sent to users through email, weblinks, embedded form in websites and even website pop-ups. It provides 24/7 customer support, is reliable, fast and easy to use.


Qualtrics is a leading Experience Management Tool. The feedback collection capabilities of Qualtrix such as SMS, web, social etc, helps the businesses to listen and understand the customers in a better way. They have powerful analytical tools that will deliver predictive analytics, tailored as per the business needs. Also, it helps in efficient action planning and collaboration, as it can integrate with other tools and existing platforms.


Now, get website heatmaps as well as analyze the behaviour of your customers using Hotjar. This tool helps the businesses visualize as to how the customers engage with their website. It uses detailed information such as heatmaps of the clicks by customers, recorded sessions and mentions in forums and blogs to collect data about the customers.

Customer Experience Tools for CRM

Now the customer experience can be evolved and made more efficient with the help of CRM or Customer Relationship Management Tools. There are many benefits of CRM tools. These CRM tools can design, track and also improve the customer experience at each stage of the customer journey.

The CRM tools provide a 360-degree view of the customers thus helping the businesses to provide the best experience to their customers. So here is a list of few CRM tools to improve CX.


TeamWave is an easy-to-use and super affordable CRM. It has features like Sales Management, Contact Management and Project Management. The businesses can visualize the sales pipeline, forecast sales and upcoming trends, customize the data as per the business needs, and track the relevant customer data. This CRM is perfect for small businesses and startups. Because for such businesses increasing sales and generating higher profits, at an affordable cost, is of utmost importance to scale their business.


Pipedrive has a deal-driven workflow and an easy-to-use interface. It has a mobile app where the businesses can keep track of their customers and update the details of the deal on the go. Their email and call synchronization feature helps you to understand all the details about the customer in one place.


With the help of Hubspot CRM, the businesses can easily connect it with Marketing, Sales and Services Hub thus making it an efficient customer engagement platform. The businesses can track the pipelines as well as analyze the user data to understand better as to what is working and what is not with the customers. It is a completely free CRM but comes with limited reporting and capabilities. So it is a good choice for businesses who are just looking for basic assistance to organize their data.

Features of Hubspot CRMFeatures of Hubspot CRMFeatures of Hubspot CRM


Now as you have analyzed the features of each tool, you need to do thorough research as to which tool is a perfect fit for your business. Find the tool that will help you to engage with your customers in a better way and improve CX.

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