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A New York Times article about the perfect workout for every ‘wedding dress silhouette’ sparked internet outrage, and health experts agree it perpetuates damaging body ideals

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The New York Times published an article Thursday on “The Perfect Workout for Your Wedding Dress Silhouette,” including diet advice and a caution to avoid getting muscles that are “too wide.”
The Times later changed the headline and removed some sections of the article, noting that it had been “slightly condensed since publication.”
Fitness and psychology professionals told INSIDER even the updated article promotes toxic cultural norms surrounding women’s bodies, particularly for brides-to-be.
While health experts encourage people to eat well and move in ways that feel good to them, adopting healthy habits for a single day often means those habits aren’t sustainable.   
Choose wedding day apparel that feels good on your body rather than attempting to shape your body to feel good in a dress. 
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It started innocently enough, with a promise to “make sure you look your absolute best on your special day.”

But an article from the New York Times about the best workout for wedding dresses quickly attracted a wave of online vitriol, both from brides-to-be and body positive advocates, for promoting toxic body-shaming culture.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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