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8 Women in Marketing to Watch Out For

Marketing used to be a man’s world.

Think Mad Men: Don Draper and the testosterone-driven, alpha-male world of Madison Avenue.

But that is all changing. These days, women are flexing their marketing muscles and making an impact. And we’re especially impressed with these 8 women who are taking the lead in key areas of digital marketing.

Here’s who you should watch out for, because you need to be listening to and learning from all of them.

1. Molly Pittman, Paid Traffic

Co-Founder, Train My Traffic Person

Without traffic, your marketing will flounder. If that’s your challenge, Molly Pittman can help. Co-host of the Perpetual Traffic podcast and co-founder of Train My Traffic Person, as well as, Molly is one of the industry’s top paid-traffic experts.

And rightfully so.

She’s DigitalMarketer’s former VP of Marketing and has certified thousands of marketers in paid traffic and customer acquisition. She’s also paid $8mm+ to traffic channels like Facebook, Google, and Twitter—all with a positive return on investment.

Today, Molly spends her time setting strategy for some of the world’s fastest growing companies (Smart Passive Income, ManyChat, Zipify, Kajabi, and more) and serving as a mentor to up-and-coming marketers looking to make their own mark in paid traffic.

2. Natasha Takahashi, Chatbots

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder, School of Bots

Natasha Takahashi is a conversational marketing expert and educator, host of the popular There’s a Bot For That podcast, and owner of a conversational marketing agency that runs chatbot campaigns for brands and influencers.

When chat bots became a thing, she was frustrated by the lack of education on them, so she co-founded School of Bots: the leading chatbot education brand. Now, 3500+ people in 30+ countries around the world owe their expertise to her.

If you think that’s cool…

Natasha’s to-do list includes an impressive collection of goals: starting a record label, speaking 7 languages, creating cool fellowships for college dropouts, lots of angel impact investing, helping run the Olympics, and even climbing Mount Everest.

3. Amber Spears, Affiliate Management

Co-Founder, East 5th Avenue Affiliate Management Agency and Mimosa Mastermind.

Amber Spears

Amber Spears is a connector, closer, launch specialist, and affiliate management coach—and the go-to expert for affiliates in the health and personal development industries.

She’s co-founder of East 5th Avenue, a high-end boutique affiliate management company serving health-centered brands. In the last 2 years, they’ve generated $28.3 million in sales and more than 5 million leads—just from docu-series launches in the health space.

She’s also co-founder of Mimosa Mastermind, a tactical, all-inclusive mastermind for health, wellness, and personal development entrepreneurs. There, she’s worked with industry notables, such as Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Izabella Wentz, The Truth About Cancer, Venus Factor, and more.

And let’s not forget the SPEARS Method, the affiliate coaching and certification program Amber created and owns…

…Or the 2 wildly successful Keto cookbooks she co-authored, Wicked Good Keto and The Bacon and Butter Cookbook.

4. Laura Belgray, Copywriting

Owner, Talking Shrimp

Laura Belgray Instagram post

When you need a powerhouse copywriter, you need Laura Belgray. Founder of Talking Shrimp and co-creator of The Copy Cure, she’s been an award-winning writer for nearly 2 decades.

Laura works primarily with TV shows, writing promos, launch campaigns, upfronts, online content, book chapters, and more.

I’d be willing to bet you’ve seen some of her scripts. They’ve been performed by actors like Joan River, Kevin Hart, Spongebob Squarepants, and Kathy Griffin, to name just a few.

On a side note, she also taught Sherman Hemsley, AKA George Jefferson, to moonwalk.

But those kinds of writing chops don’t stay secret for long. After talking about copywriting at Marie Forleo’s first RHH Live event, Laura was asked by several entrepreneurs for help with their copywriting. One thing led to another, and she now offers copywriting in addition to TV promotions.

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5. Joana Galvao, Design Optimization

Owner,, and Founder, GiF Design Studios

Joana Galvao is co-founder of a top agency in Portugal, GiF Design Studios. There, she and her team cull ideas from different cultures and environments to create designs that are totally unique and distinctive.

Joana trained at the UK’s #1 university for graphic design and started her career working at award-winning design agencies like Brand42.

But her real desire was to work with ambitious and revolutionary entrepreneurs, which is why she and partner Jose Freitas opened GiF.

It didn’t take long for them to build a 4-month waiting list. Joana’s drive to exceed client expectations attracted clients that any agency would be proud to work with.

6. Zenovia Andrews, Agency

CEO & Co-Founder, MaxOUT Marketing, and Author, All Systems Go: Surely There Is a More Consistent Way to Do This

Zenovia Andrews, CEO and Co-Founder of The MaxOUT Group, is an authority in digital marketing strategy. She’s most known for helping entrepreneurs and organizations develop solutions that fuel business growth and transform products into immortal brands.

Zenovia’s number-one priority is helping clients build maximum reach and impact online—and attain their wildest dreams of business success.

That’s no exaggeration, either.

She recently launched one of her corporations, Rubicon Healthcare Sales Consultants, and within 7 months increased revenue from $165K to $2.4 million a year.

7. Sunny Lenarduzzi, YouTube


Sunny Lenarduzzi says she was born a broadcaster. Actor turned journalist turned entrepreneur, today she spends her time helping entrepreneurs, personal brands, and corporations bring their message alive through social media and video marketing.

She’s worked with hundreds of clients, from tech start-ups to real estate companies, social entrepreneurs, and health & wellness leaders, as well as authors and online personalities.

Together, they’ve generated $5+ million in revenue from organic YouTube traffic. And one of them, Applebee’s, made history earning over 1 billion impressions in 1 day.

Sunny was listed among Forbes‘ Must Watch YouTube Channels that Will Change Your Business and The Huffington Post‘s 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017. And she’s graced the stage at NATO’s Headquarters, CreativeLive, Social Media Marketing World, as well as DigitalMarketer’s T&C.

8. Jasmine Star, Instagram

Founder, SocialCurator

Jasmine Star Instagram post

Social strategist, photographer, stylist, planner, copywriter…

Jasmine’s the full package.

After studying law, she picked up a camera and pursued curiosity. Four years later, she was voted one of the top-10 wedding photographers in the world and her work was published in a litany of magazines.

Today, Jasmine is a social curator, providing image and caption templates that help businesses amplify their own creativity, ignite new conversations, and captivate their ideal clients.

Meet Them in Person

You can see why we’re so impressed. Each one of these women is transforming businesses with their unique contributions.

That is why we’re excited to give them the spotlight at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019. They’ll be sharing what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s actually working right now.

Don’t miss your chance to hear these powerhouse marketers in person!

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