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22 things I wish I had when I brought my new puppy home

MaggieKatarina Belinicher / Business Insider

Before bringing your new puppy home, it’s important to understand the responsibility you’re furever committing to. 
They’ll need basic supplies like a bed, collar, and leash, as well as specific things like dog toothpaste and shampoo to stay healthy. 
As someone who’s had a dog for 15 years, here are 22 things I’d recommend having when you’re ready to bring your pup home.
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My good friend was recently inducted into the puppy parenthood society when she brought home a spunky Aussie doodle named Maggie (pictured above).

Meeting Maggie reminded me of my own dog Max, who was a mere pup 15 years ago. One time, he pooped on the hardwood floors while my parents were out frantically buying supplies at the last minute, so I scooped him up and kept him in the bathtub while I cleaned up the mess with paper towels.

How hypocritical of me to preach about preparedness while I’m sticking my puppy in the bathtub, right? Well, I learned from my mistakes so you won’t repeat them.

Making the decision to get a puppy — or any pet — shouldn’t be taken lightly. They’re living, breathing creatures that rely on us to take care of them, and that could be a lot of work. If you’ve done your research and come to the conclusion that your heart, home, and wallet are ready for the life-long commitment, then your next steps are to puppy-fy your home with all the proper supplies. 

Here are 22 essentials like crates, training essentials, and toys you should have before bringing your new puppy home:1. A dog bed as comfortable as yours

Casper Dog Bed, from $125, available at Casper

Casper is known for its mattresses for humans, but it also makes a durable and comfortable dog bed that we love.

2. A crate that also matches your furniture
Sunny Chanel/Business Insider

Casual Home Wooden Crate, from $95.24, available at Amazon

Crate-training your puppy allows them to have their own space where they can feel safe and comfortable. You can opt for a standard metal crate, or choose a crate that also blends well with your furniture, like our freelance reporter did.  


3. A food and water bowl

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Dog Bow (2-pack), $13.99, available at Amazon

Food and water bowls don’t always need to be fancy, but they should definitely be functional. Many puppies will be confused or intrigued when they first encounter bowls, so rubber bottoms will help keep them in place (or at least attempt to) while your new puppy gets acquainted to them.

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