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YouTube Marketing Course 2022 ? | Complete YouTube SEO Tutorial & Tips

Learn the art of video marketing with this free YouTube Course and Tutorial in 2022. Video content is the hottest trend today and holds huge potential for growth as an individual or a business.

Latest YouTube Full Course:

If you want to learn YouTube marketing, then this complete YouTube SEO tutorial and course is the right one for you. Here, we have covered everything from how to create a YouTube channel, monetizing it, and keeping the growth momentum.

? Highlights of Our Free YouTube Marketing Course 2022:
00:00:00 Introduction to Video Marketing
00:09:02 How to Create a Channel on YouTube
00:17:26 Design and Add Channel Art
00:35:12 Add a YouTube Channel Trailer
00:38:59 Verify Your Channel and More Important Settings
00:46:45 Upload Defaults, Featured Content and Branding
00:54:08 More settings YouTube Channel
01:00:38 The Community Tab in YouTube channel & its importance
01:08:30 Uploading videos on YouTube
01:17:29 Spy on Your Competitors with Social Blade
01:25:37 Understanding YouTube analytics metric – Watch Time – Foundation of YouTube
01:33:41 Understanding YouTube analytics metric – Audience Retention – Important Metric
01:40:17 YouTube SEO – Sharing Metric in YouTube
01:48:27 YouTube – Fundamentals of YouTube SEO
01:59:21 Examples of Using Tags in YouTube Videos & Approach of Adding Tags
02:09:34 Finding Different topics for YouTube – Few Tools & Strategies
02:15:32 Important Ranking Factors in YouTube
02:24:58 How to get more likes on YouTube Videos
02:33:14 How to use cards for getting engangement – CTA
02:41:26 How to use and screens for getting engangement – CTA
02:49:24 Using Subtitles in YouTube Videos
02:54:17 Check if someone else is using your videos – Copyright
02:59:55 Connecting YouTube Channel with Google ads
03:06:36 Getting Extra views using embeded on WordPress
03:11:46 Using Quora to Promote YouTube Videos
03:18:58 Important Points for thumbnails
03:27:40 Basics of Ranking Playlist
03:35:39 Basics of Channel Analytics : Understanding Analytics
03:46:11 Channel Analytics : Realtime Activity
03:53:14 Channel Analytics : Activity from Subscribers/Non Subscribers
04:02:40 Channel Analytics : Understanding Subscriptions Source
04:08:34 YouTube – Hack to put subscribers popup
04:13:03 Channel Analytics : Playlist Analytics
04:26:30 Using Timestamps in Videos to enhance users experience
04:31:59 Putting Hashtags & Video Locations in Videos
04:37:16 Importance of First 15 seconds of videos
04:43:40 What is concept of No Copyright Music in YouTube
04:50:21 Ways to get Your Channel monetized
04:59:41 Video Monetization Introduction
05:07:44 Video Monetization Settings
05:14:09 Video Monetization metrics
05:21:06 Video views – Funnets Forms
05:27:42 Whats is YouTube Audio Library
05:34:31 YouTube – Various – High paying Ads
05:39:38 Understanding YouTube Money Calculator
05:44:45 Connecting Adsence and YouTube Channel
05:47:32 Membership options for earning money from Channel
05:52:28 Things to consider for Retaining & Attracting members
05:58:59 Understanding YouTube Tool – Installation & Setup VidIQ
06:06:38 Understanding YouTube Tool – Competitors & Trend alerts using VidIQ
06:12:20 Understanding YouTube Tool – More Settings – VidIQ
06:17:57 Understanding YouTube Tool – TubeBuddy 1
06:24:54 Understanding YouTube Tool – Tubebuddy 2
06:30:50 Understanding YouTube Tool – Tubebuddy 3
06:34:06 Understanding YouTube Tool – Tubebuddy Keyword Explorer
06:42:11 Understanding YouTube Tool – Tube buddy SEO Studio
06:47:17 Understanding YouTube Tool – Tubebuddy – Best time to post
06:54:37 Connecting Google Analytics & YouTube Channel together
06:59:04 YouTube Live – Understanding – Benefits of YouTube Live
07:05:40 YouTube Live – Understanding – Tools for YouTube Live
07:11:44 YouTube Live – Understanding – Going Live From OBS
07:17:50 Introduction to Editing of YouTube Videos
07:26:22 Editing of Audio 0 Tools for Editing Audio
07:34:41 Editing Video at Premiere pro – Screen Recorded Video
07:41:31 Strategies for Growing YouTube Channel – Educational Content
07:49:59 Strategies for Growing YouTube Channel – Tech Reviews/Unboxing Channels
08:02:36 Strategies for Growing YouTube Channel – Tips for Vlog
08:12:00 Case Study
08:19:22 Key Takeaways

Throughout this 8+ hours of free YouTube Course 2022, you will master the skills of video marketing, earning from YouTube, and several more valuable things.

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