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YouTube added a fact-checking panel to its US search results

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YouTube is expanding a fact-checking feature to its US search results, after it launched in Brazil and India last year, according to The Verge. The feature appears on certain searches that are prone to misinformation, showing an informational panel with a veracity rating of “true” or “false” before the user is shown search results. YouTube has partnered with several US publishers to act as independent fact-checkers for the feature, including PolitiFact and The Washington Post Fact Checker.

YouTube fact checking featureBusiness Insider Intelligence

The feature helps address criticism over YouTube’s misinformation problem as the coronavirus creates even more pressure around the issue. Controversies around conspiracy theories and fake news on the platform are nothing new, and YouTube had already been working to fix this since before the pandemic, as indicated by the feature’s earlier debut in Brazil and India.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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