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Why You’re Not Getting Backlinks and How to Change That

Are you struggling to get backlinks? Find out the key mistakes you may be making in your link building process and how you can get more links to your website.
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If you’re contacting people and asking for links without a good reason, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll get ignored.

In this video, Sam dives into the link building and outreach mistakes that prevent people from getting more backlinks and gives you tips to avoid making them.

In the first tip, Sam shows how email outreach is an effective and affordable way to connect with people who can give you backlinks.

Tip 2 cautions against copying templates and tells you why they don’t produce the same results all the time. You’ll learn the understated importance of how your emails should sound.

The next tip is a key point you should include in EVERY outreach email you send. Sam shares a few reasonable “excuses,” that will come in handy for contacting someone when it comes to link building.

Tip 4 is a big one that will prevent you from breaking your relationship with the prospect. You’ll learn the best way to get a link by offering something without expectation using a proven psychological principle.

Tip 5 cautions against giving up too early, especially when the link is almost within reach. Sam shows you why negotiation is a critical skill for your link building strategy and how to apply it to your benefit.

Tip 6 is related to who you eventually send your pitches to. You’ll learn some valuable tips on who to contact in a company and why.

The next tip is about improving deliverability of your emails. Sam shares a useful step after the email discovery step, that ensures your prospects actually receives your emails.

Finally, you’ll find out the key characteristics that sets truly great content apart from the ones that are not.

In this tutorial, Sam shares the common pitfalls that people face as they go about their link building and outreach process. By understanding what these common mistakes are, you’ll learn how to avoid them and accelerate your link conversion rates.

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