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What would school be like if it was invented today? | Sal Khan | Big Think

What would school be like if it was invented today? with Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy
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Our current form of education is almost 200 years old. What should schools of the future look like?

When COVID-19 emerged and school districts began to move to remote learning, the ability to access tutoring — be it peer tutoring, extra time with teachers, or small-group tutoring — became even more difficult. puts the focus on a different aspect of remote learning. Where traditional online education offerings focus on pre-recorded lessons, courses, and practice sessions, is designed to provide real time feedback via peer tutoring and small group sessions.

The organization now boasts over 3,000 learners across more than 100 countries, with hundreds of online tutoring volunteers leading teaching classes and courses. Currently, those courses focus on math — from pre-algebra to calculus — as well as SAT prep, Indian Exams, and review sessions for AP exams.

Sal Khan, of Khan Academy and now, says real-time online learning is where our dated education system is heading, a destiny accelerated by COVID-19. While internet access is not yet available to everyone equally, Khan believes we are getting to a place where it soon will be.

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About Sal Khan:
Sal Khan is an American educator and founder of the Khan Academy, a free online education platform and not-for-profit organization. He has produced over 2200 popular videos elucidating a wide spectrum of concepts, mainly focusing on mathematics and the sciences, in his home. His official channel, ‘Khan Academy’ has, as of March 2011, attracted more than 45 million views.


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